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Baby Alphabet
(UK Playschool Baby)

Baby Alphabet often sings a little song to help herself and the other Playschool Babies learn the Alphabet. In fact, she sings it every day when she's on her way to the School House: "a, b. c. d, e, f, g, Baby Alphabet, that's me! h, i, j, k, l, m, n, I'm singing the alphabet again! o, p, q, r, s ,t ,u, Why don't you all sing it too? v, w, x, y, z, The alphabet is in my head!" Do you know? Sometimes when Baby Alphabet sings her song...the pages of her alphabet book turn over all by themselves!

Baby Pictures
(UK Playschool Baby)

Baby Pictures is always drawing pictures. She loves drawing the stars and the clouds, the Pony Land sun and the Man in the Moon! Because she is a pegasus pony, she can fly up to the sky and look closely at whatever she wants to draw. She always has her crayons with her so she can colour her pictures! One day, she took a special visitor to the Scool House. "It's the Man in the Moon!" she told everybody. "Now you can draw a picture of him, too!" I'll lend you my crayons!" Pictures always seem much brighter when they've been coloured with Baby Picture's crayons. I wonder why, don't you?

Baby Schoolbag
(UK Playschool Baby)

Baby Schoolbag Baby Schoolbag has a lot of special treasures and he likes to take them all with him wherever he goes. When he goes to the School House, he takes lots of other things too! That's why he has his schoolbag with him all the time. "What's in your schoolbag today, Baby Schoolbag?" asked the other Playschool Babies. Baby Schoolbag clicked his back hooves together and... All sorts of things piled up in front of him! Conkers, crayons, a feather, a lucky pebble, a badge, five balls of string, a rubber with a frog in it, a ruler and two lunch boxes! Then Baby Schoolbag clicked his front hooves together and everything went back into his schoolbag! Sometimes Baby Schoolbag doesn't even know himself what he's carrying in his schoolbag!

(UK School Time Pony)

Playtime likes all her lessons but her favourite lesson is always the one just before playtime. When the bell rings, she is always the first pony to hurry out to the playground. "Come and see my new game!" she called to her friends one day. "Not another skipping game!" snorted Sportstime, as Playtime swished her tail to make her skipping rope appear. "No, if Musictime holds one end of the rope and I'll hold the other end, we'll stretch it out so you can jump over it!" explained the Schooltime Pony. "We'll keep making the rope higher and higher to see how high you can jump"! Playtime's skipping rope comes in useful in all sorts of things... not only skipping games!

(UK School Time Pony)

Musictime's favourite lesson is Music of course! She can play any musical instrument but the one she likes best is the triangle. Sometimes she plays a tune on her triangle, bliks her eyes... and the other musical intruments play the same tune all by themselves! Sometimes, Musictime plays her triangle in the middle of another lesson! Then, the other Schooltime Ponies say: "This isn't music lesson, Musictime!" But whenever Musictime's around... it's time for music! Listen carefully, can you hear a triangle?

Baby Stella
(UK Starlight Baby)

Baby Stella Baby Stella Flicked her tail and sparkled brightly. "Well done, Baby Stella", cheered her friends. "You're the star of the show!" "Star-struck! Star-struck! You've got stars in your eyes!" a shooting star hovered over the baby pony's head and she knew she'd only been dreaming. "Starry dreams!" she laughed. "One day I'll stop dreaming long enough to really be the star of the show." I expect Baby Stella's dreams will come true! After all, her name means 'star' doesn't it?

Baby Explorer
(UK Starlight Baby)

"The stars aren't out tonight, they must be having a party inside the clouds. I'm going to explore the sky and see if I can't find them!" And Baby Explorer hurried away to find her balloon basket. She climbed in, "So high!" she whispered, as the balloon rose into the sky. "She's so high!" said Baby Mischief, "I can't see her sparking now. She's disappeared!"

When she returned, Baby Explorer told the Starlight Baby Ponies all about her adventure in the clouds.
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Baby Mischief
(UK Starlight Baby)

"Whoosh" Baby Mischief pucked her mouth and blew her kite high into the sky. "Don't let it fly into the Sky Wizard's Cloud House!" warned her friends. "I will, I will," chuckled the naughty baby. "I like making the Sky Wizard jump!" She pucked her mouth and whooshed the kite higher. Suddenly, there was a noise like thunder! "My kite made him jump!" cried Baby Mischief. "Pull it down, quickly!" begged her friends.

The kite was covered in sparkling cloud dust which sprinkled itself all over Baby Mischief and her friends. "What fun! We all sparkle," she laughed. I wonder what she'll whoosh her kite into next time!


Princess Sapphire

Princess Sapphire is the wisest of all the Princess Ponies. She is always able to advise the others if they have a problem.
Because she is the wisest Princess she has the youngest dragon, Smokey as her attendant.

Smokey doesn't always get things quite right, but Princess Sapphire is always patient with him because she knows he always trikes his best.

Princess Ruby

Princess Ruby can never make up her mind what she wants to do next. In fact, she is so undecided that she never has time to finish one thing before she starts the next.

Her dragon, Sparks, spends all of his time following her around and finishing off tasks which she has left uncompleted.



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