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A Double Delight
(Bootsie and Tootsie, Rattles and Tattles, Sniffles and Snookums)

The ponies awoke one morning and discovered that a double dose of pony magic had enchanted
Ponyland! Two rays of sun beamed light upon the land, two rainbows arched across the sky, and
two bells chimed to announce the arrival of newborn ponies! All the ponies hurried to the nursery, wondering what "double magic" surprise they'd find there. Instead of one newborn in each crib, the ponies saw two little faces peeking from under the covers... twin ponies! "With twice the magic, we have twice as many babies to love!" exclaimed the delighted ponies.

Wedding Day Magic
(Bridal Beauty)

A wedding in Ponyland is unlike any other wedding because music fills the air from dawn to dusk. On the morning of the wedding, the sun tosses beads of light everywhere, and the beads burst into fragrant flowers. Silvery clouds of lovebirds fill the air with their romantic songs. The bride has her own wonderful magic to enchant the day. When she blinks her eyes, a lacy veil floats softly around her head. She taps her foot, and a lovely bridal bouquet appears for her to hold. Now, everything is ready- let the Ponyland wedding begin!


Sippin' Soda
(Chocolate Delight, Strawberry Scoops)

The Sippin' Soda Ponies were helping with spring cleaning - brushing stars with glitter and
polishing the sun until it shone brightly. When the ponies finished, they were very thirsty. "Let's
have ice cream sodas!" the Sippin' Soda Ponies exclaimed to their friends. The two ponies sang a
pretty melody . . . and big glasses of ice cream sodas appeared, one for everyone! The Sippin'
Soda Ponies popped straws in their sodas and sipped the cool, creamy treats. How nice it is that
sweet surprises appear when the Sippin' Soda Ponies are near!

A Shimmering Discovery
(Baby Pearly, Baby Sea Shimmer, Baby Sea Princess)

One sunny day, the ponies found large, rainbow-striped seashells lying on the beach. "Maybe big pearls are in them," the ponies mused, and they asked the shells to let them peek inside. The shells slowly opened, and the ponies gasped with surprise. Curled up in each shell was a Fancy Mermaid Pony, shimmering like a pearl! The adorable babies wiggled their tails and splashed into the ocean, where they swam and played with the delighted ponies, who were pleased to meet such
wonderful friends from the sea.

Happy Birthday!
(Birthday Pony)

When a little girl has a birthday, the Birthday Pony makes the day as wonderful as can be. She
paints the sky with a beautiful rainbow that lasts from dawn to dusk, and sends songbirds to fill
the air with pretty melodies. When it's time for the party, the Birthday Pony arrives first,
decorated with colorful confetti and bright ribbons from her nose to her tail. Best of all, she
brings a fancy box with her, and inside the box is a present for the birthday girl. Oh... it's your
birthday? Then get ready for a surprise from the Birthday Pony!




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