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Sweet Talkin' Pony - A Picnic with Friends
(Purple Sweet Talkin', Pink Sweet Talkin')

My Little Ponies love to have parties, dance on the rainbow and swing on sunbeams. But what
they love to do most of all is spend the day with children who love My Little Ponies. One day,
the Sweet Talkin' Ponies went on a picnic with two girls. The happy friends chatted and laughed
and ate tasty snacks. Soon, they were busy with their favorite pastime - creating pretty styles with
each other's hair. As the sun began to set, the ponies and girls hugged each other goodbye and
promised to meet next week for another fun picnic

Flowers for the Garden
(Flowerbelle, Love Petal, Sweet Blossom)

Four o'clock-time for tea! The Flower Fantasy ponies waltzed to their favorite flower garden for
a afternoon snack. On a white wicker table were teacups, a pot of tea, tiny sandwiches, and
sweet cakes. Everything was ready, except... all the flowers had disappeared from the garden!
With a quick wink and whispered wish, the ponies magically made the garden bloom. Roses,
lilies, tulips, daisies, and more pretty flowers appeared. The Flower Fantasy ponies marveled at
the beautiful blossoms, and sat down to enjoy their tasty snack


A Kiss of Color
(Happy Hugs, Ruby Lips, Lovin' Kisses)

It was the evening of the Valentine's Day party in Ponyland. The Sweet Kisses ponies stood
before a mirror, admiring their glamorous gowns and sparkling hairstyles. They looked lovely,
but they wanted an extra special look for tonight's romantic party. Spotting a rose bush outside
the window, each pony plucked a red petal and blew a magical kiss on it. Poof! The petals
changed into tubes of rosy lipstick for the ponies to wear! When the Sweet Kisses ponies arrived
at the party, their colorful new look was the hit of the evening.

A Rainbow of Fun
(Love Beam, Springy, Starswirl)

The Colorswirl set out one day to discover where the rainbow gets its colors. The three friends
pranced up one end of the rainbow and followed the stripes to the other end, where they found a
magical lake swirling with colors. Hot and tired from walking, the ponies dove into the beautiful
water for a refreshing swim. When they came out of the lake, their bodies were covered with
bright, bold streaks! Not only did they find where the rainbow's colors came from, but they also
went away with pretty swirls of their very own!

A Splash of Color
(Sunbeam, Sunglory, Sunsplasher)

One warm, sunny day, the Sundazzle ponies went to the beach for a day of surfing. Hopping on their surfboards, they paddled out to sea, yelling with excitement as they rode the waves back to shore. A bit of magic would make the day even more wonderful, they though, so they blinked their eyes and. the waves turned into bright, wet rainbows to ride! Then, the sun touched the ponies' hair and added a pink streak that matched the rosy stripe in the waves. How magical the beach can be when the Sundazzle ponies are there!

Island Magic
( Baby Beach Ball, Baby Palm Tree, Baby Pineapple)

 Of all the pretty places in Ponyland, the Paradise Babies like Paradise Island most of all. They like to sip pineapple juice under a palm tree and build sandcastles on the beach. One day, something wonderful happened as they napped in a tropical garden on the island. The magical flowers touched the baby ponies with their colorful petals, and gave them a bright, new look from nose to tail! When the ponies awoke, they loved the brilliant colors and couldn't wait to show everyone what a nap on Paradise Island could do!




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