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It was a lazy, hazy day and Beachcomber decided to take an afternoon nap on a lilly pad in the pond. Just as she closed her eyes, a loud crack of thunder boomed through the air! She jumped up to see if a storm was coming, but saw only sunshine and white, fluffy clouds. Settling back to sleep, Beachcomber felt a gentle rocking beneath the lily pad. She woke to find the water was perfectly still! "It must be my imagination," she giggled, rolling over on her tummy. As she turned, a splashing wave rose up and tickled her nose. "Happy Birthday," shouted all her friends as the rainbow spelled out the words in the sky. "Thank you for the wonderful surprise, but my birthday is tomorrow!" Everyone laughed, including the rainbow. Beachcomber returned to her nap dreaming of the surprises in store for her tomorrow.


Ripple jumped into the waves just before they crashed onto the shore, tucked safely in her frog float. Curiously, she followed a giant wave into a hidden cave. After paddling through the twisting passages, admiring the walls of this secret place, Ripple could not remember the way out! "HELP!" she called several times. Magic Star's special powers told her the baby sea pony was lost and hurried to the cave. Ripple sighed with relief when Magic Star arrived, her magic wand shining like the sun. Magic Star waved her wand and the little float glided out of the cave. When she reached the shore, Ripple decided it was best to play in the shallow waves where she couldn't get lost. Ripple spent the rest of the day gathering pretty seashells to make a necklace for Magic Star to thank her for her help.

Sea Shimmer

Every day at dusk, Sea Shimmer watches the sun cast its rays over the sea before it drifts into dreamland. Last night, while watching the sunset, Sea Shimmer heard a faint voice calling for help. Following the voice to an inlet, she found a beautiful mermaid tangled in a mound of seaweed. Gently, Sea Shimmer removed the wet grass to free the mermaid. The mermaid whispered her thanks as she dove into the water. The next evening, while watching the sun go down, Sea Shimmer thought about the mermaid. "I wonder what her name is and where she lives?" she pondered. Suddenly, a brilliant rainbow appeared in the sky and a gleaming pearl wrapped in seaweed washed up to Sea Shimmer's tail. When the wave rolled back, the words "See You Soon" appeared in the sand. Sea Shimmer smiled because she had found a very special friend.

Sun Shower

A light mist was in the air as Sun Shower gazed dreamily at the rainbow. "I wish I could touch it,"she said, trying to jump up to the rainbow. Suddenly, she spotted a balloon floating in the sky above her.
She waved her arms back and forth to get its attention.  Slowly, Lofty and her balloon came down to greet her. "May I have a ride to the rainbow?" Sun Shower asked excitedly. "Hop in," Lofty laughed.
Sunshower dipped below the water for a second, then jumped onto the riding basket holding a package wrapped in seaweed. Up, up, up they went to visit the rainbow. "We're almost there," Lofty smiled. Just as they reached the first colorful arch, Sun Shower handed the package to the rainbow. "These are for you," she said, displaying sparkling dew drops she had collected especially for the rainbow. the rainbow was so delighted with her gift that it sprinkled an afternoon shower of colorful dew drops for everyone to enjoy.

Surf Rider

Surf Rider loves to catch the tail of a big wave and ride it while it comes crashing down. One day, when the sea was flat, stretching endlessly in every direction, Surf Rider wished for a giant wave to ride. Spotting a group of dolphins swimming by, Surf Rider called out, "Please swish your tails and make a nice wave for me to ride upon!" The waves that the dolphins made were the biggest that Surf Rider had ever seen. She giggled with delight as she and her fish float rode the waves for the rest of the day.

Water Lily 

The turtles floated slowly through the ocean announcing Water Lily's ballet.  In a hidden pond Water Lily was weaving glistening seashells into her mane.  Wehn it was time for the show the Sea Ponies gathered eagerly in the underwater cave, Water Lily swam gracefully into view, surrounded by beautiful mermaids.  The mermaids swirled bright sea flowers as Water Lily preformed beautiful leaps and spins with elegant flips of her tail.  For the finale the mermaids formed a spectacular whirling star with Water Lily spinning in the centre. "Bravo!" the audience shouted. As the dancers bowed the audience tossed rose petals int the water to show them how much they enjoyed the ballet.



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