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It was a sunny day at the Paradise Estate. Bouncy and Hippity Hop tossed a beach ball to each other beside the pool.  All the ponies laughed as they wiggled their noses and made the ball playfully chase the baby ponies splashing in the water.  Suddenly, a mischievous wind carried the ball away! "Stop - come back! called Bouncy as she raced after the ball.  The rainbow caught the passing ball in a stripe.  Gently, it placed the ball into the swimming pool and sprinkled shimmery dust along the way.  Bouncy blinked her eyes and the dust burst into hundreds of beach balls that filled the sky! "Now everyone has a ball to bounce, even the wind!" exclaimed Bouncy.  What fun the ponies had tossing the balls and playing catch with the wind.


The clouds were playing silly games in the sky when Fifi noticed a smaller cloud standing all alone. "Why aren't you playing with the others?" Fifi asked the little cloud. "I'm trying to change into pretty shapes, but I don't know how!" the cloud answered.  Fifi had an idea.  She found a stick and drew the outlines of a heart, a square, and a diamond in the sand.  "Jump in - and try to stay inside the lines," Fifi urged as the cloud floated down.  Together they made lots of different shapes until it was time for the cloud to go home.  When Fifi looked up to wave goodbye, the little cloud had changed into the shape of Fifi's favorite friend, a poodle, all by itself!

Hippity Hop

"Let's go outside and make snow angels!" Hippity Hop said happily. As the ponies ran and jumped in the snow, Hippity Hop saw a sad bunny sitting nearby. "What's wrong?" Hippity asked the bunny. "The snow is covering all the clover in the field and it's my favorite afternoon snack!" the bunny cried. Hippity Hop knew how to help the bunny. She flew up to Mr. Sun and whispered in his ear. Smiling, he shined his warmest rays and melted only the snow in the field. Hippity Hop blinked her eyes, and clover sprang up, in every bright color of the rainbow. The excited bunny hopped into the field to nibble the sweet clover. "Now you have clover to eat and snow to play in," Hippity Hop said as she joined Skippity Doo for a friendly snowball fight.


It was a very hot summer day and the ponies were thinking of a way to keep cool. "Let's have a snack while we decide what to do," suggested Scrumtious. She twitched her nose, and heaping plates of juicy watermelon slices appeared! "This is so refreshing," Twist said as she placed a piece of watermelon on her forehead to cool her brow. Scrumtious had an idea! She placed the watermelon on the ground, blinked her eyes...and the watermelon grew and g-r-e-w and GREW until it was a pink and green mountain. "Let's play inside," Scrumtious urged. Bouncy jumped on a seed and slid down a watermelon rind slide into a pool of tasty juice. "What a wonderful way to stay cool," Shady exclaimed as the ponies played inside the magical playground.

Skippity Doo

The day of the big Pony Picnic had finally arrived! All the ponies were having fun swimming in the lake and playing games. "You're next," Lofty called to Skippity Doo, who was waiting for her turn to run through the spinning jump rope. As she did, her hoof bounced off a pebble, sending Skippity Doo high into the air! "Whee!" she laughed as she landed on a cloud. She reached beneath the cloud's silver lining and pulled out a heaping handful of shiny sunbeams. She tossed the sunbeams down to the picnic area while the others watched from below. Before they reached the ground, the sunbeams magically changed into colourful parasols for all the ponies. This was Skippity Doo's finest jump indeed!
Story provided by: Lucky Leaf


"Can you teach me how to ice skate?" Twist eagerly asked Skates.
They donned their warmest mittens and headed for the pond. Skates helped Twist lace up her skates properly, then showed her the correct way to jump, spin and do a figure eight. "Now you try it," Skates urged.

Twist slowly glided to the middle of the pond and carefully jumped once, twice, then spun around. "Perfect!" Skates clapped. Twist took her position to perform a figure eight. She took one step forward, then another and another so that by the time she was finished, the skate marks left on the ice looked like a PRETZEL!

The two friends laughed and laughed at the funny design until Skates said, "Tomorrow we'll show the other ponies how to put a little 'twist' in their skating."



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