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Baby Gusty

Beautiful leaves were falling from the trees and this gave Baby Gusty an idea! "I'll sweep up all the leaves into a mountain as a surprise for Mama," she thought with excitement! With quick pokes of her unicorn, Baby Gusty gathered the leaves into a pile that reached all the way up to the rainbow! 

     "Whew!" Baby Gusty murmured wearily. "I think I'll stop for a while and play!" She took two giant gallops and leaped high into the sky, landing right in the center of the neat pile! Orange, yellow and red leaves dashed out in every direction. Then they slowly floated down until all Pony Land was blanketed in magnificent fall colors.” I’ll never gather the leaves again in time for Mama to see," Baby Gusty thought, remembering her surprise. Just then, she saw Mama peeking out from behind a tree with a twinkle in her eye. Taking two giant gallops, she leaped high into the sky, and landed right in the middle of what was left of the pile! For the rest of the day, Mama and Baby Gusty romped with glee in the mountain of leaves!

Baby Heart Throb

"Wake up Baby Heart Throb," her mother called. "We have to get an early start if we want to deliver all the valentines before anyone sees us." "Is it Valentine’s Day already?" Baby Heart Throb asked sleepily. They had worked hard all week to make heart-shaped bows for all the
ponies. Off they went, flying through the early morning breeze, dropping gifts as they flew. Suddenly Baby Heart Throb realized she forgot to bring the special bow she had made for her friend, Mr. Sun. She loved the bright, warm sunshine he beamed while she played. With a twist and a flap, she flew back as fast as her baby pegasus wings would carry her. "Thank you, Baby Heart Throb," Mr. Sun said as she tied the bow around them. "And I have a Valentine’s surprise for you, too!" Mr. Sun quickly changed his round shape into a heart and smiled heart-shaped rays just for that day.

Baby Lickety-Split

"I think I'll make some ice cream pies," Mama said to Baby Lickety-Split. "May I help!" exclaimed Baby Lickety-Split. "Put the pies in the shade to cool until I've made enough for everyone," Mama Lickety-Split urged. While Baby Lickety-Split watched over the pies, something way up near the rainbow caught her eye. It was Skyflier's kite! She gazed dreamily as the kite floated through the clouds. Suddenly, she felt mounds of melted vanilla, strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream flowing past her feet, right into the Waterfall! "The ice cream pies melted when I turned away," she called to her mother with tears in her eyes. "Seems like everyone is enjoying them just the same," Mama laughed as the ponies licked the ice cream from the Waterfall! Baby Lickety-Split was so happy the dessert wasn't totally ruined that she leaped into the air and landed right on an island of chocolate chips! It was the best ice cream float she had ever tasted!

Baby Lofty

A strong wind whisked through the air as Baby Lofty set up her hot air balloon for an afternoon sail.  "Be careful," Mama Lofty urged, "The wind is very frisky today” Baby Lofty jumped into the riding basket, pulled the string and up, up, up she went!  All the clouds waved as she floated past them.  "This is so much fun. " she laughed as the wind rocked the balloon back and forth.  Suddenly, there was a strange hissing noise coming from the top of the balloon.  It got louder and louder until-POP!  All the air had seeped out of the balloon  "Hop on,” called a passing cloud.  Nany Lofty jumped on the cloud, pulling the deflated balloon behind her.  "We’ll stop here," the cloud said, pointing to the Lullaby Nursery.  They spent the rest of the day repairing the broken balloon.  Then the wind guided Baby Lofty safely home.

Baby Ribbon

Baby Ribbon mama ribbon called you'd better come inside before it rains anasty dark cloud hovered above as mama spoke. But baby Ribbon was having too much fun playing with her colorful- ribbon by the waterfall to hear her mother’s warning. All of a sudden there was a loud bang thunder crackled all around her Ill be caught in the storm and won't be able to get home Baby Ribbon cried tears falling from her beddy bye eyes Quickly a yellow satin ribbon flew into the sky and whispered into the cloud's ear. like magic the thunder stopped and the cloud turned fluffy white then the cloud guided baby ribbon as she skipped her way home just before she went inside baby ribbon looked up to thank the cloud to her surprise the cloud had changed into a beautiful heart shape smiling happily as she went safely indoors.

Baby Shady

Baby Shady woke with excitement. "Is it snowing yet?" she wondered hopefully. Even though it was warm and sunny outside, she'd fallen asleep dreaming of magical snow ponies ice skating on a frozen pond. "Today's the Pony Swimming Contest. Did you remember to wear your bathing suit and sunglasses?" Mama Shady asked. Baby Shady wanted to ice skate and throw snowballs instead of splashing under the bright sunshine. When they arrived at the waterfall, Baby Gusty invited them into the water. As Baby Shady waded into the water, her tiny nose caught a ray of sun that made her blink her eyes three times. Suddenly, it began to snow! Bright fluffy flakes covered Pony Land and the waterfall iced over smoothly. "I made it snow," Baby Shady cried mischievously. "Let's have a skating contest," suggested Mama Shady. All the ponies changed into Snow Angel outfits and skated the rest of the day.



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