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Molly and Baby Sundance

"It's a hap... hap... happy day," all the baby ponies sing, "because Molly and Baby Sundance are here!" Megan's little sister, Molly, is the baby ponies best friend. Just like her big sister, Molly has a special pony of her own- Baby Sundance. Today they are going to play with the rainbow and pretend it is a giant colorful slide. Wheeee- look out below!

Party Time Gift Set

"Let's have a party!  Send out the 5 invitations;  decorate with the banner  and the balloon; and arrange the gretting card, present, 6 cups and 6 plates  around the candle-topped cake complete with its own serving platter.  There's  5 party hats, 5 party horns and 4 hair ribbons.  Play "Pin the Tail on the  Pony" game using the 2 blindfolds.  Other party accessories include  a blanket, party panties package with panties, brush, hairpick and scented body  sticker."



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