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ButtonsButtons skipped away from the seashore, anxious to show Megan her newest shells. She found Megan at the Dream Castle, trying to finish her dress in time for the Ball that night. "What can I do to make my dress extra special?" Megan sighed. Buttons smiled at Megan, and tossed the seashells into the air. The shells burst into dazzling colors as they fell onto Megan's dress with a merry, tinkling sound. Beautiful gemstones, that matched the colors of the rainbow, sparkled all over Megan's dress. "I look like a princess!" Megan shouted happily as she tried on her dress. Then Buttons wiggled her nose and more glittering gems appeared in Megan's long, golden hair. "You'll be the belle of the ball," Buttons laughed as she waltzed off to get ready for the party.

Cherries Jubilee

It was the day of the big Pony Parade and Cherries Jubilee was tying the last cherry blossom to her float. "I hope this string holds the blossoms in place,"she thought to herself. She had worked very hard picking hundreds of cherry blossoms and stringing them together to form a beautiful rainbow. "Here comes Cherries' float," Tootsie shouted from the stands. As the float passed before the judges, the string suddenly broke. A shower of colorful petals fell all over  Ponyland. It was such a magnificent sight that Majesty officially named it the Cherry Blossom Parade and crowned Cherries Jubilee the queen of the parade.


"Let's have a picnic by the waterfall!" Paradise suggested one hot afternoon. All of the ponies agreed and packed a large picnic lunch. Cupcake decided to bring a special batch of cupcakes for dessert. Quietly she hid the basket behind a rock. The ponies ate their sandwiches by the trickling Waterfall, then decided to take a swim. When they returned, Cupcake had arranged the cakes in the shape of a rainbow. It was beautiful, with colorful rows made of icing. Then, Cupcake clicked her heels together. Brilliant fireworks shot up from the rainbow, filling the sky with flavorful colors. The ponies caught the icing on their tongues as it came down. Cupcake's delicious firework display was the perfect ending to a wonderful summer picnic.


GustyWay up in the trees, the leaves had put on their autumn coats and Gusty was thrilled. "I love fall colors - orange, red and yellow!" Dancing happily, Gusty whirled through the colorful treetops.
Suddenly a wild wind whistled through the sky and the leaves were yanked from their trees. They fluttered down and lay lifeless on the ground. "Back up there! Back up there!" Taking a deep breath, Gusty puckered her lips and blew on the leaves. At Gusty's magical command, the leaves happily swirled around and returned to their home.

Heart Throb

Heart Throb was finishing the lace booties for the Baby Ponies when she started designing the beautiful valentine card. "I'll give it to my favorite friend in pony land," she said to herself. Heart Throb gathered some leftover lace from the booties, flowers from Posey's garden and heart-shaped pebbles she found near the waterfall. She placed a poem she had written directly in the center of a heart-shaped lace doily. Pasting it all together, Heart Throb signed the valentine and proudly presented it to the love birds that live under the waterfall.
Donated by Curly Locks

Lickety  - Split

The ponies were enjoying Majesty's birthday party in the Dream Castle Garden when Lickety Split announced she had a special surprise.  As they sang Happy Birthday, Lickety kicked her heels twice and the mountains around the castle turned into giant scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream. Two smiling clouds poured hot fudge and whipped cream over the mountains while Cherries Jubilee flew up each creamy mountain and topped it with a bright red cherry.
"This is the best birthday surprise I've ever had," Majesty said handing Lickety Split a heaping dish of chocolate ice cream.


Lofty"We're off!" Lofty called to her excited passengers. She'd offered a magical balloon ride to her pony friends. "There's the Waterfall -- it's so tiny!" remarked Surprise. Lofty smiled mischievously and steered towards the rainbow. "The colors feel so close," Firefly laughed. The balloon began to drift through the rainbow -- the reds, oranges and yellows flowing through the ponies. "It tickles," Moondancer giggled. They glided through the arc, when suddenly -- POOF! The ponies had changed color! Surprise had become purple, Firefly turned bright yellow, Moondancer was green and Lofty was orange! "We look so funny," Lofty laughed. "Let's stay like this all day," suggested  Surprise. When they  landed, the other ponies chuckled when they saw what the magic of the rainbow had done.

Magic Star 

Magic StarBaby Blossom watched as Lofty flew up, up, to the sky. "I wish I could fly," she sighed. Magic Star waved her wand outside Baby Blossom magically sprouted pegasus wings and happily flew  out the window. "Hello, Mr. Moon!" she laughed as she flew past him. Even the baby stars peeked out from behind their mothers to wave. Then, Magic Star tapped the ground and the Milky Way poured Baby Blossom a big glass of chocolate milk! When morning came, Magic Star made a slide of glittering stardust that led right to Baby Blossom's crib. As she climbed in, the wings disappeared. She fell sound asleep, dreaming of her adventure in the sky. "Sweet dreams, Baby Blossom," Magic Star whispered as she whisked off in search of another pony with a special wish.



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