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Bubbles was racing down the hill looking for a muddy spot to fall in. She stopped suddenly and laughed.  "What a silly sight," she said.  Hanging upside down in a tree like a monkey was Applejack.  "How did you get up there?" asked Bubbles.   Applejack whinnied in embarrassment.  "I was jumping for apples.  I jumped so high that I caught my heels on the branch."   Bubbles sighed.  "Your appetite for apples is always getting you in trouble, Applejack!" Then she helped Applejack out of the tree, and was treated to a fine red apple from her thankful friend.
Bow-Tie Bow Tie

Bow-Tie was feeling sad. "I don't think anyone has remembered my birthday," she whinnied.  Suddenly, Firefly swooped down from the sky with hundreds of colorful ribbons trailing behind. Medley floated down on a cloud, and the song Happy Birthday was heard all around.  Ribbons were everywhere, hanging from the clouds and floating on the wind. Everyone brought presents. Bow-Tie eagerly opened them and found ribbons of velvet, satin and silk -in every color of the rainbow! "Thank you, thank you all," she said. "I'll always wear your beautiful ribbons!"


BlossomBlossom was happily digging in the garden. Many of her favorite plants were in bloom and she was proud of her garden. "Hi, Blossom," said Peachy. "I’ve brought you a present. The noonday sun is terribly bright so I thought you’d like this sun hat.” Blossom was overwhelmed with Peachy's nice gift. She reached down into the garden and brought up a beautiful bouquet of flowers. "Thank you, Peachy,” she said. "I want you to have a present, too."


BubblesLemon Drop saw a strange muddy pony galloping  toward her across the field. "My goodness, I think you need a bath!" She exclaimed as she poured her favorite bubble bath into the waterfall beside the stable. Soon bubbles were everywhere, twinkling in the sun and floating on the gentle breeze. "Perhaps I  put in too much bubble bath," she thought. "Oh well, she really is very muddy." After much scrubbing a beautiful, yellow pony emerged from the bubbly water. "I'll call you Bubbles," said Lemon Drop. Bubbles just smiled. She had found a new friend.

Cotton Candy

Cotton CandyCotton Candy galloped out of the stable garden with Blossom hot on her heels.  "At least she's stopped eating my beautiful flowers," Blossom whinnied as she stopped chasing her. Cotton Candy slowed to a trot. She was forever getting into mischief, mostly because she tried to find her sweet treats in Blossom's garden. "I'll visit my mountain friends, I think the wild flowers will be out in the valley. Yum!" she said happily, licking her lips.


Seashell was at the beach chasing  the waves and rolling in the deep sand dunes. She bent down to lick the salt off her hoofs and, before she knew it, one of the Sea Pony friends  had clamped on to her beautiful  mane. "Why are you hanging on my  mane, Sea Pony?" Seashell asked. "I  want to go for a ride," replied her friend, "a real pony ride." "If you asked politely, I'd be happy to give you a ride," Seashell said. But the Sea Pony said nothing and clamped down even harder. Shaking her head  in dismay, Seashell gave her a ride  she'd never forget!



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