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Heart Throb 

Heart Throb was finishing the lace booties for the Baby Ponies when she started designing the beautiful valentine card. "I'll give it to my favorite friend in pony land," she said to herself. Heart Throb gathered some leftover lace from the booties, flowers from Posey's garden and heart-shaped pebbles she found near the waterfall. She placed a poem she had written directly in the center of a heart-shaped lace doily. Pasting it all together, Heart Throb signed the valentine and proudly presented it to the love birds that live under the waterfall.


Surprise was traveling through the clouds and saw what looked like a rainbow far off in the distance. As she flew closer, she realized it was a runaway hot-air balloon flying frantically out-of-control.

"Are you lost?" Surprise shouted to the giant balloon. Suddenly a head poked over the top of the basket. "Please take me home," pleaded Spike, Majesty's little pet dragon.

Surprise gently guided the balloon all the way back to the Dream Castle. Majesty was delighted to see her friend Spike and gave Surprise a royal "thank you!"


 Way up in the trees, the leaves had  put on their autumn coats and Gusty was thrilled. "I love fall colors-orange, red and yellow!"
   Dancing happily, Gusty whirled through the colorful treetops.  Suddenly a wild wind whistled through the sky and the leaves were yanked from their trees. They fluttered down and lay lifeless on the ground. "Back up there! Go back up!" Taking a deep breath, Gusty puckered her lips and blew on the  leaves. At Gusty's magical command,  the leaves happily swirled around and returned to their home.


Skyflier had been working on her beautiful kite for weeks. "Red, white and blue, yellow, green and purple too." she sang to herself as she added the finishing touches. Tossing it in the air, she ran across the tops of clouds trying to fly it. Heart Throb, the pegasus carried it high in the sky. Crash! Down it came. Skyflier was so disappointed. Bow Tie, watching from the meadow, offered a suggestion. "Ribbons! Give it a tail with ribbons!"
Bow Tie tied on some of her prettiest silky ribbons and the kite quickly rose into the sky. "Thankyou, Bow Tie!" Skyflier called.


Sparkler stood out in the sun, admiring her collection. "It's so beautifully shiny," she remarked as she rearranged her glitter cards, gold coins and aluminum foil pieces.

Sparkler loves shiny, sparkling objects. When the moon is full, she follows the brightest star in search of glittering trinkets. On the night of the last full moon, Sparkler found a glowing diamond. "This will be perfect for Majesty's crown," she thought. But Majesty urged Sparkler to keep the jewel because someday she might have a crown of her own.


Snow was gently falling from the clouds and Powder was in a mischief-making mood. "I've played a clever trick on Majesty!" Powder thought to herself.

"Let's go play in the Dream Castle," she called to Majesty as they raced
toward the castle far in the distance. When they got closer, Majesty
exclaimed, "My Castle is covered with white fluffy snow!"

Powder giggled. "That's not the Dream Castle," Powder explained. "It's an ice castle I made from the snow!" Majesty laughed at Powder's



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