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Pinwheel was taking the baby ponies for an afternoon scroll when a sudden gust of wind blew Baby Firefly's bonnet high into the sky. The baby ponies giggled as the bonnet twirled around like a top, then fluttered to the ground. "The west wind is playing a game with us," Pinwheel explained. "Now it's our turn."
First Pinwheel arranged hundreds of smooth, shiny pebbles in a large circle on the ground. With a blink of her eyes and a shake of her rainbow mane, Pinwheel's unicorn magic turned the stones into a brightly colored, spinning ferris wheel. "Hop on."  Pinwheel said to the baby ponies, helping them into their seats.
As the west wind puffed harder and harder, the ferris wheel spun faster and faster. "What a wonderful ride," the baby ponies exclaimed as the ferris wheel stopped.  Pinwheel handed each baby pony a special pinwheel toy with her name on it as the jumped off the ride. What a wonderful afternoon it was, playing with the wind!


It was daybreak on a beautiful spring morning. Dawn raised her head while the sun rose over the hill. The honeybees in the garden buzzed happily from flower to flower, collecting nectar to make honey in their hive.

A magical pegasus, with rainbow-colored hair, hovered over the beautiful garden. The bees stopped to stare at her. "She looks just like a rare rainbow butterfly!" one bee whispered to another. 

The pegasus gracefully flew down and said to the bees, "Your sweet smell so flowers! I mean...your flowers smell so sweet! May I pick some to take back with me?" (when the pegasus gets excited, she gets her "mix" all "talked" up.)

The bees buzzed excitedly. "What's your name?" they asked.  ", no it's Flutterbye!"
the pegasus answered, giggling at her mistake. The bees though that Flutterbye was beautiful and very funny, so they gave her a huge bouquet of flowers and a large pot of their sweetest honey.


Trickles was filling her magic watering can at the Waterfall when she saw Posey in her garden. “Hmm, I think I'll play a trick on Posey”, she thought.
“Let me help you water your flowers,”Trickles offered.  She pranced into the garden and swung the can around her head, spraying water in every direction. Suddenly, there were tulips everywhere! Red, blue, purple, green and orange ones even some with shiny polka dots and big, bright stripes. 
“Now you really have a magic garden,” Trickles laughed. Posey giggled as she placed a purple polka dot tulip behind Trickles' ear.


Confetti liked to design beautiful toys from colored paper and streamers. One day a gentle breeze blew one of her paper dolls away. Confetti chased after it as the doll came to life. "Let's ride through the clouds!" the doll exclaimed. Confetti clapped her hooves together and off they went for a magical ride through ponyland.

 One night, while sleeping in the clouds, Starflower had a wonderful dream. She dreamt she was standing on the edge of a rainbow with magnificent fireworks flying out in all directions.  Red, green, blue
and yellow bursts fell to the ground in beautiful patterns.
 When she awoke, Starflower blinked her eyes three times and made a magical wish.  “I wish that my dream would come true,” she said aloud.  She searched for the rainbow and fireworks all day, but couldn’t find them.
By nightfall, Starflower decided to go to the waterfall.  She was amazed at what she saw in the pool!  “It’s really happening!” she shouted with delight.  There in the pool was the reflection of the waterfall, glowing what rainbow colors.  Each falling drop of water turned into expanding rings of colorful circles.  Red, green, blue, and yellow patterns were everywhere!  “What a beautiful show,” she said contentedly.

The clock struck midnight and the baby ponies were still awake! "They've been tossing and  turning all night,"  Mother Firefly fretted to her  pegasus friend Tickle. "What can we do to get them to sleep?" Tickle knew exactly what to do.  While Firefly told the babies a bedtime story, she flew up into the clouds, her rainbow mane  trailing behind her. Hidden beneath a silver cloud was Tickle's pillowcase full of the beautiful, soft feathers. She stuffed the feathers into a
large comforter and made a  fluffy feather bed for the baby ponies. They fell  asleep immediately.
They were still asleep at  breakfast time. Tickle gently brushed a long feather under each baby's nose. The baby  ponies woke, feeling very frisky. Suddenly,  feathers were flying everywhere as the baby ponies jumped up and down on their feather bed! Tickle and Firefly laughed and joined the baby ponies in a playful pillow fight.



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