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Baby Cotton Candy

Baby Cotton Candy was playing in her playpen when she spotted a big bouquet of flowers near the waterfall.  She remembered Blossom giving them to her mother that morning. "Ummm, those flowers look delicious!  They would make a yummy treat." She jumped out of her playpen, scooped up the flowers and scurried off behind the waterfall to munch on her sweet snack. "Where are my flowers?" a voice echoed.  It was Mother Cotton Candy looking for the bouquet! Baby Cotton Candy ran off to find Blossom and explain what she had done. "You're as mischievous as your mother," Blossom laughed. "Because you told me the truth, I will give you another bouquet for your mother.” Blossom picked more flowers for Mother Cotton Candy and handed Baby Cotton Candy a special bouquet just for nibbling.

Baby Firefly

          Flapping and fluttering her tiny pegasus wings, Baby Firefly hopped and bounced in the air.  "I'm trying to fly to the waterfall!"  Baby Firefly explained to her mother.  After Baby Firefly made several unsuccessful attempts-and landed on her nose-Mother Firefly offered her help.  "Grab hold of my mane and I'll take you there."  she suggested, remembering how difficult it is to learn to fly.

          Baby Firefly held tightly to her mother's mane as they quickly flew to the waterfall.  Dressed in Sun & Fun outfits, Baby Firefly and her mother spent the day playing on the shore.  While balancing a beach ball on her nose, Baby Firefly glanced down.  "Mother! she called excitedly. "Look, I'm flying!"  She had been concentrating so hard, that she began to fly without even realizing it!  Firefly was very proud of her baby.
          By evening Baby Firefly was very tired indeed.  "Tomorrow my wings will be stronger and I'm going to visit the rainbow!" she said with a yawn.

Baby Glory

Baby Glory stopped at the pony for a cool drink after a hard day at play. As she bent down, a shiny pebble bounced off her hoof and into the pond. The ripple it made was dazzling, growing larger as it spread out into the water. Suddenly, the pond stood very still. Baby Glory could see her reflection in the water. It was like looking into a mirror! "Make a wish Baby Glory," the voice from the water whispered. She closed her eyes and said dreamily, "I wish for a special friend to ride with me through the clouds, catch falling stars and chase rainbows." Because she believed in magic, Baby Glory knew that someday, her wish would come true.

Baby Moondancer 

Dusk was falling over the forest when Baby Moondancer donned her tutu and ballet slippers to practice her dance steps. "Extend and stretch," she remembered, just like her mother, Moondancer, taught her. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell onto a bed of soft moss. "I'll never learn to dance like a real ballerina," she sighed. Mr. Moon was watching Baby  Moondancer pull herself to her feet. "Don't stop because of a little fall," the Moon urged. "I'll help you dance by casting my shadow on the ground where you should take each step." Baby Moondancer followed Mr. Moon's instructions. Soon she was pirouetting and swaying with ease. While she danced, the wind quietly called Mother Moondancer to the forest. She was very proud indeed of her little ballerina.

Baby Surprise 

"Happy Birthday, Baby Surprise!" shouted all of the ponies at once. Hundreds of colorful balloons filled the room, giving the birthday party avery cheerful feeling. Baby Surprise pranced with excitement! "Open your present," prompted Surprise, her mother. Inside of the brightly wrapped package was a cute little rocking chair- just her size! Baby Surprise was delighted. "Thank you all so very much!" As she spoke, the ribbons on the balloons magically wrapped themselves in to her mane and tail. "Whoa! Wheel!" Baby Surprise shouted as the balloons started to carry her up, up and away. At first she was frightened, but soon enjoyed the ride when she realized that her pegasus wings could steer. Gently flapping her wings, she returned to the party and landed right in her new rocking chair. Ever since that day, Baby Surprise has used balloons as "training wheels" to learn how to fly!

Baby Blossom
 Baby Blossom loves to admire the flowers in her garden.  "Purple violets, pink petunias, red geraniums, and yellow daffodils–my garden has every color of the rainbow in it!" thought Baby Blossom to herself. Spying a beautiful orange flower with black stripes, Baby Blossom exclaimed, "I'll surprise my mother with a whole bouquet of these unique flowers!"  When she reached down to pick the flower, it flew into the air and hovered in the wind.  "Silly baby pony," it giggled.  "I'm not a flower...I'm a monarch butterfly!"  Seeing Baby Blossom's disappointment, the butterfly quickly added, "But my friends and I will be glad to help you with your surprise!"  Then many, many butterflies flew down to Baby Blossom's garden and sat together quietly.  Baby Blossom was thrilled to show her mother the "butterfly bouquet" in the garden




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