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High Tide

High Tide was following tiny footprints on the beach when she came upon a little girl collecting shells. "Would you like some help?" High Tide asked. "I'd like to take some shells home to remind me of the fun I've had at the beach." With a twist and a swish, High Tide dove into the deep blue water. She returned with a large pink sea shell. "Hold this shell to your ear and you'll hear the waves making beautiful music," High Tide said, giving the gift to her new friend. "See you next year", the little girl promised, waving goodbye.

Sea Breeze

"I want to make the sea ponies proud of me," Sea Breeze said as she prepared for the big ocean race. Everyone lined up at the coral reef. "Ready, set . . . GO!" shouted the whale. Sea Breeze was going as fast as she could when she saw a baby sea pony falling from the sand bar. Quickly, she swooped her up and put her back ... but she wasn't quick enough to win the race. The sea ponies awarded her a special trophy for her bravery. They were very proud of her indeed. Sea Breeze felt like the real winner!

Sand Dollar

"I hope I get a good suntan," Sand Dollar said settling down to enjoy the golden rays. A jellyfish jumped up beside her handing her some magic jelly. "Leave this one for ONE HOUR then wash it off in the ocean," he cautioned before slipping away. Sand Dollar rubbed it on and started to build a sandcastle. She got so busy that she forgot about the jelly! Suddenly, she was covered with red, blue, green and yellow stripes! "You match the rainbow," laughed the jellyfish. Sand Dollar ran off to show the rainbow before washing off the colors.

Sea Mist

The sea ponies were getting ready for King Neptune's birhday party at his underwater castle. Everyone was bringing the king a present. Sea Mist wanted to make the king a royal robe from seaweed. She gathered the prettiest seaweed she could find and held it up to the sky so the west wind could help her weave it. While the rainbow dripped its beautiful colors on the robe, Sea Mist chose shiny seashells for the buttons. "Thank you, Sea Mist," King Neptune exclaimed, opening his gift. "I will wear it always." Sea Mist felt like a princess when the king wrapped the robe around his shoulders.

Wave Jumper

Wave Jumper was surfing when she spotted a bottle floating towards her. Inside was a map that led to a buried treasure! She followed the arrows on the map and came to a huge sandcastle with hundreds of sand bags blocking its entrance. "How will I get in?" she wondered. Just then, the rainbow appeared and a GIANT wave rose from the shore, washing away the castle. Wave Jumper was amazed at all the beautiful trinkets in the chest. She chose a glittery star and placed it on the rainbow, then shared the rest of the treasure with the other sea ponies.


The waves were quiet and the sea was calm as a sweet melody filled the air. "Where's that music coming from?" Whitecap wondered, donning her ballet slippers. She followed the sound to the ocean floor where a lovely mermaid was playing the harp. Whitecap began to move to the music. She performed a spectacular water ballet, gracefully leaping and pirouetting to the music. "Bravo," shouted all her sea friends who had gathered to watch. At the end of the dance, the rainbow dipped down and gave Whitecap a bouquet of pretty sea flowers which she proudly shared with the mermaid.



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