Year 3
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Splasher was playing with her turtle float on the shore when she heard splashing coming from the cove by the rocks. Quietly, she hid behind a rock to watch. Another baby sea pony was in the shallow water, bobbing its fins and flippers up and down. She was so graceful, gliding about in the water, just like they learned in swimming class. "What a wonderful swimmer!" Splasher said out loud. The baby sea pony looked up in response to Splasher's voice. "Can you teach me to swim like that?" Splasher asked, joining her in the water. The two baby sea ponies swam and played together until it was time to go home. "You swim so well that I'm going to call you Backstroke," Splasher laughed. From then on, Backstroke the baby sea pony, was known as the best swimmer in the sea and taught all the other sea ponies how to do the backstroke.

Sea Shimmer
Everyday at dusk, Sea Shimmer watches the sun cast its rays over the sea before it drifts into dreamland. Last night, while watching the sunset, Sea Shimmer heard a  faint voice calling for help. Following thevoice to an inlet, she found a beautiful mermaid tangled in a mound of seaweed. Gently, Sea Shimmer removed the wet grass to free the pearl wrapped in seaweed washed up to Sea Shimmer's tail. When the wave rolled back, the words "See You Soon" appeared in the sand. Sea Shimmer smiled because she had found a very special friend.  mermaid. The mermaid whispered her thanks as she dove into the water.

Sea Star

Sea Star was building a sandcastle when a giant wave hit the shore. All her hard work was washed out to sea! "My castle is ruined," she sighed. "If only I could build one that wouldn't fall, then my friends could play in it, too." Picking up her pail and shovel, Sea Star noticed the tide leaving hundreds of bright, sparkling shells on the shore. Quickly, she gathered as many shells as she could fit in her pail. "What are you doing, Sea Star?" asked Mr. Octopus who was sunbathing on a nearby rock. "I'm going to build a castle with these shells," she answered, excited about her idea. Mr. Octopus called Mrs. Jellyfish and together they made a magic paste to hold the shells in place. By sunset, Sea Star had the biggest, most beautiful castle on the beach. That night, she invited all her ocean friends to a party in her lovely new shell castle. Even the waves dancing around the castle were happy that it didn't tumble.


Every Tuesday, all of the baby sea ponies attended their nursery swimming school. One day, Splasher was practicing her baby backstroke before class started. "Stroke, stroke, stroke, and breathe," she counted softly to herself. Her turtle float bobbed up and down with her as the waves rose and fell. Just then a giant wave tossed her high into the air. When she came back down her tail smacked the water with a loud SLAP...and splashed Tiny Bubbles right in the face! That splash of water had soooo much sunshine and salt in it, that Tiny Bubbles' hair dried into many, many curls and ringlets. Splasher thought Tiny Bubbles' hair was so pretty that she gave her a collection of colorful sea shells to wear as barrettes in her curls.

Surf Rider

Surf Rider loves to catch the tail of a big wave and ride it while it comes crashing down. One day, when the sea was flat, stretching endlessly in even direction, Surf Rider wished for a giant wave to ride.  Spotting a group of dolphins swimming by, Surf Rider called out, "Please swish your tail and make a nice wave for me to ride upon!" The waves that the dolphin made were the biggest that Surf Rider had ever seen. She giggled with delight as she and her fish float rode the waves for the rest of the day.

Tiny Bubbles

One Sunny Day, Tiny Bubbles was feeling especially adventurous. She decided to play near the old wrecked ship on the bottom of the ocean. To get down that deep, she let some air out of her float. While holding her breath, she spotted a sea urchin. Inside the sea urchin. Tiny Bubbles discovered a rusty old key. When she inserted it into the sea chest, the lid popped open, revealing hundreds of beautiful necklaces, bracelets and glittering gems. "A buried treasure!" exclaimed Tiny Bubbles. As she spoke, her words were carried up to the surface in air bubbles. All of her baby sea pony friends were delighted when she presented them with treasures from the deep.



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