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Cherries Jubilee

It was the day of the big Pony Parade and Cherries Jubilee was tying the last cherry blossoms to her float.  "I hope this string holds the blossoms in place," she thought to herself.  She had worked very hard picking hundreds of cherry blossoms and stringing them together to form a beautiful rainbow.  "Here comes Cherries' float," Tootsie shouted from the stands.  As the float passed before the judges, the string suddenly broke.  A shower of colorful petals fell all over Ponyland.  It was such a magnificent sight that Majesty officially named it The Cherry Blossom Parade and crowned  Cherries Jubilee the queen of the parade.


  The ponies were enjoying  Majesty's  birthday party in the Dream Castle's garden when Lickety-Split  announced she had a special surprise.  As they sang   Happy Bithday, Lickety kicked her heels  twice and the mountains around the castle turned into giant scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream. Two smiling clouds poured hot fudge and whipped cream over  the mountains while Cherries Jubilee flew up each  creamy  mountain and  topped it with a bright red cherry.
  "This is the best birthday surpise I've ever had," Majesty said handing  Lickety-Split a heaping dish of  chocolate ice cream.


Posey was busily  planting  new rows of tulips in her garden when she spotted a fierce gray raincloud overhead. "The rain will wash away my newly planted tulip bulbs and ruin my garden." she sighed.  Parasol, racing  through the clouds in search of rainbows, heard her plea. "Don't worry, Posey."  Parasol shouted. "I'll protect your tulips." Parasol jumped into the raincloud. She tossed her  rainbow mane and tail and dozens of  pretty parasols fell from the clouds to cover the tulip beds. "Thank you, Parasol," Posey said handing her friend a bouquet of her finest tulips.


  Tootsie was searching for lollipops when sheTootsie discovered a 4-leaf clover.  "Hold me up to the sun and make a  wish," the clover urged. "I wish for  my own pollilop latch-I mean lollipop patch," Tootsie laughed, correcting her silly words. The clover flew into the meadow, followed by beams of sunlight singing a sweet melody. Each time they sang a verse, a new flavor of lollipops popped up.  "When you  accidentally say a silly sentence, lollipops will grow in your garden. Your sweet tooth will remind you to pick them," the clover explained. Tootsie could hardly wait  to tell her friends about her wish come true.

Bow-Tie and Applejack had the same stories as the previous year.



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