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As Angel splashed in the ocean waves, she saw strange winged fish swimming beside her. "Who are you?" she asked. "We're angelfish. Come play with us down below!" they answered. Suddenly, a huge bubble surrounded Angel and lowered her deep into the ocean. Angel and her friends floated through a magnificent castle made of pretty pink  coral and shimmering white sand. They played tag with some friendly zebra fish in a seaweed jungle that tickled Angel's nose. Exploring a watery cave, they glided past beautiful flowers that grew as high as trees. Then they rode with the sea-horses on a glittering seashell carousel until it was time for Angel to go home. "Come back soon," shouted the angelfish as Angel waved good-bye through the waves. Angel could hardly wait to spend another day in the playground under the sea.


Bangles woke to see the sun lifting its yellow head to the world. The morning dew was sparkling like brilliant diamonds in the early sunlight. Each row of pretty flowers resembled strands of colorful beads that wrapped around the garden like a giant necklace. Amazed at the jewel-like landscape, Bangles headed outdoors to enjoy the view. At the edge of the garden she spotted a shiny red object brighter than anything she had ever seen. "It's a ruby from Majesty's crown," she said, recognizing it immediately. With a quick spin and a leap, Bangles flew over to the Dream Castle where she found Majesty gloomily searching the courtyard. "Looking for this?" Bangles asked laughingly. Delighted that her ruby had been found, Majesty thanked Bangles by presenting her with a necklace made of heart-shaped diamonds and shimmering pearls. Bangles felt just like a princess wearing this royal gift.


It was a warm spring day- just right for Crumpet's afternoon tea party. The ponies strolled to the party wearing dainty gloves and carrying pretty parasols. Beneath a shady tree, blue jays helped Crumpet set out the warm teapots, and put the finishing touches on the sweet cakes made from flower petals and honey. "One lump or two?" Crumpet asked her guests as she added heart-shaped sugar cubes to the creamy cups of tea. When they were finished, Mimic suggested playing a game of croquet. Crumpet wiggled her nose happily. Croquet balls made of roses magically bloomed at the ponies' feet, while rainbow-striped mallets appeared by their sides! When Bouquet knocked a ball into a nearby stream, a friendly turtle brought it back and joined the party! It was a splendid afternoon indeed!


"What's for dinner?" Bouncy asked, standing in the doorway of the Paradise Estate kitchen dripping wet from her swim in the pool. "Spaghetti," Taffy answered, grabbing a mop to soak up the puddle around Bouncy. No one noticed the mop handle accidentally knocking over Cupcake's jar of "Magic Sticky Stuff" and pouring it into the pot of spaghetti. "YUMM-this is delicious!" the ponies chanted as Taffy served dinner. As they  ate, they noticed that the spaghetti stuck to their plates and forks. It took all the pulling and yanking they could muster to get the food into their mouths! Taffy couldn't understand what went wrong until Cupcake spotted the  empty jar. "I think you added an extra ingredient," Cupcake laughed. Quickly, Taffy added some sugar and spice, and turned the spaghetti into the best dessert the ponies ever tasted


"Welcome to my costume party!" Twilight greeted her guests, dressed like a movie star in a glamorous gown. "Who's that in the space suit?" Locket asked from behind a colorful clown mask. The ponies were having fun guessing the new arrivals and sipping punch when, suddenly, the lights went out! "Time for some midnight magic," Twilight giggled. She wiggled her ears and all the candles on the table flickered onto the floor. They danced a beautiful waltz as the punch bowl bubbled a merry tune. Delighted with the surprise, the ponies joined in for a midnight dance by candlelight!



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