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Dancing Butterflies

Mr. Sun raised his sleepy head when Dancing Butterflies entered the enchanted forest to practice her newest ballet routine. "It's so quiet here," she thought as she donned her slippers, about to try a very difficult dance step. The leaves on the trees cast a magical shadow that looked just like a curtain rising above a stage. Dancing Butterflies took a deep breath, arched her back and stepped high above the ground as if she was walking on air! She spun around-faster and faster-until her
yellow mane wrapped around her like a lace shawl. "You did it," a little voice called from the trees. "You're as graceful as a butterfly!" another voice added. Dancing Butterflies looked up to see hundreds of beautiful butterflies watching her. Just then, the wind whistled a sweet melody
that started her whirling and twirling again. "Come join me," she said to the butterflies, who were already following her lead.

Love Melody

Love Melody likes to give fancy parties and tonight promised to be the grandest celebration of all! She decorated the courtyard of the Dream Castle with tall vases of flowers and satin ribbons that swayed in the breeze. In the center of the yard was a wishing well. 
     As each guest arrived, she gave her a tiny heart-shaped pebble. Drop this in the wishing well when you hear the clock chime three times!" she told her guests. Everyone was having so much fun sipping cherry punch and dancing to the music, that the three musical chimes took them by surprise. 
     Following Love Melody's instructions, they tossed the pebbles into the wishing well. Suddenly, giant fireworks exploded from the wishing well, filling the sky with magnificent colors that spelled out the name of each guest. The ponies cheered at the beautiful sight. It was a grand party indeed!

Milky Way

"What a rainy day," Crumpet sighed, peering at the gray sky above. "We need something to get rid of these nasty clouds." Milky Way had an idea! She touched a puddle with her unicorn horn, and the rain suddenly burst into a glowing arch of silver stars! "It looks like a stairway to the sky!" Crumpet exclaimed as they ran up the path, leaving a trail of stardust behind them. Even the sun beamed with extra light, giving everything a sparkling glow. When all the gray clouds left, Milky Way and Crumpet waltzed down the stars to the ground. As dusk fell over Ponyland, Milky Way tapped the path with her horn, filling the sky with shooting stars that lit up the sky. It was a lovely night indeed.


"Let's pick berries for my berry pie," Sugarberry said to Locket one sunny afternoon. They donned their straw hats and skipped to the big berry patch behind the Waterfall. Sugarberry just couldn't resist nibbling a few berries as she picked them off the bushes. "Let's take a rest," Locket urged, standing beneath a shady tree. When they compared their berry baskets, Locket's basket was full but Sugarberry's was almost empty. "You ate all your berries!" Locket giggled to her friend. The rainbow heard their conversation and sprinkled a few colorful raindrops on the bushes. Suddenly, the drops burst into beautiful pink, yellow, green and blue berries! Sugarberry picked the berries as fast as she could, filling her basket to the top! "These berries will make the prettiest pies ever!" she said happily.

Sweet Tooth

Early one morning, Sweet Tooth followed a sunbeam to a field of magical flowers. She gathered colorful powder from the flower petals and hurried back to her kitchen. "What a surprise this will be!" Sweet Tooth giggled as she sprinkled the powder on her latest batch of homemade lollipops. Just then, her friends appeared at the door. "I smell lollipops," Bangles smiled. Strange things began to happen as the ponies licked the lollipops! "My lollipop is filled with my favorite strawberry taffy!" Taffy cried. "Mine turned into a basket of balloons!" Up, Up and Away exclaimed. "Look -- my lollipop burst into a candy necklace," Bangles laughed as she placed it around her neck. Then Sweet Tooth blinked her eyes and her own lollipop bloomed into a forest of lollipop trees! This was Sweet Tooth's best batch of lollipops yet!

Up, Up, and Away

Up, Up and Away was so busy tying bunches of colorful balloons to baskets that she didn't notice the other ponies watching her. "What are you making?" Love Melody asked her curiously. "It s a surprise!" Up, Up and Away answered her friend with a giggle. "Hop in," she told everyone as she finished attaching the last balloon. She blinked her eyes and the baskets rose high in the sky. Then Up, Up and Away wiggled her nose and the baskets formed a circle, whirling and twirling, just like a floating ferris wheel! The ponies laughed and cheered, enjoying the ride. As Up, Up and Away joined the spinning wheel, the rainbow gently lifted her basket to the top and released all the balloons into the sky for a happy ending to a wonderful ride.




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