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Cloud Puff

As Cloud Puff drifted through the sky, she met some fierce grey rainclouds. Below them, children were playing games in the bright sunshine. Cloud Puff nudged the clouds away from the children and searched for a place where the rain would help. She spotted a sad garden with droopy flowers and curling stems. Fluttering her wings, she gently pushed the clouds above the garden, sending the rain down to the waiting flowers. With just one drop, the garden bloomed with brilliant flowers, ready for the children to pick.

Tropical Breeze

The soft summer winds tickled Tropical Breeze's nose as she gracefully flew into the early morning air. Fluffy white clouds smiled at her and parted to let her by. The sunbeams giggled and sparkled off her silky mane, happy  to see her again. Even the treetops reached up to touch her magical wings in the hopes that some of their power would rub off. But Tropical Breeze leaped high and laughed. It was no secret that everywhere she flapped her beautiful wings, a shower of good luck was sure to  follow.

Wind Drifter

Wind Drifter fluttered through the blue sky to see what good luck she could bring. In a green park, children sat sadly in the field. They couldn't fly their pretty new kites because there was no wind! At a still pond, toy boats could not move without a cool breeze to fill their sails. Smiling, Wind Drifter fluttered her wings, sending a gentle breeze that lifted the kites high into the sky  and set the sailboats drifting on the pond. The children's laughter and cheers filled the air as Wind Drifter flew happily on her way.


 Wingsong whistled a merry tune as  she soared through the sky to spread her good luck. In a meadow behind the Waterfall, she spotted a little girl crying. "What's wrong?" Wingsong  asked. "I lost my grip on my big blue balloon and it flew away," the girl sighed. Windsong winked at the girl and leaped high into the sky with a flap of her  magical wings. She found the balloon napping on a silvercloud and quickly returned it to the little girl. The little girl smiled as Windsong flew off to answer the wind's call for someone else in need of her help.



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