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Locket was planning a spectacular party and asked 4-Speed to help her with the entertainment. "I have a great idea!" 4-Speed said eagerly, not telling anyone of his plan. The night of the party, Locket tied shiny satin ribbons in the trees, prepared delicious treats, and gave pretty party favors. "But where is  4-Speed?" she wondered. Suddenly, she heard a loud rumbling sound, and a colorful truck drove into the center of the party!  4-Speed hopped out of the truck and opened the doors. From inside the truck, rainbows and shooting stars burst into the air, filling the sky with bright designs. Next, hundreds of candy trucks appeared! The cabs were made of taffy, the trailers had chocolate sides and the windows were swirling candy canes. Lemondrop headlights shined brightly as licorice wheels rolled over the ground. "What a wonderful suprise, 4-Speed!" laughed the delighted ponies.


Mr. Sun beamed warmly, and the trees rustled a happy song with the 
twittering birds. It was such a lovely day that Quarterback went for a long walk to visit his friends, the Flutter Ponies. He watched as the baby flutter ponies practiced flying in the blue sky. Quarterback applauded as a  little Flutter Pony gracefully circled her mama and landed again. Suddenly,  Quarterback remembered he was supposed to play in the big football game  today! "I'm late for the game!" he cried to his friends. The Flutter Ponies  gently picked him up and whisked him to the football field. As Quarterback  landed on the field, he caught the football and raced to the goal post. "Touchdown!" exclamed Tex. The ponies cheered in the bleachers and laughed  with delight at Quarterback's exciting entrance.


 It was a beautiful day to go sailing. Salty put on his sailor hat and hopped into his little boat. The cool wind caught the sail and carried him onto the deep blue- seas.. Dolphins swam beside his boat and told him exciting tales of- pirates treasures and deserted islands. suddenly he saw a strange boat sailing ahead of him. "A pirate ship! cried Salty. The boat stopped at a deserted island and a pirate carried a- mysterious bundle off the boat "A treasure chest!" thought salty eagerly. He followed the pirate onto the island chasing him through the trees to a sunny clearing. Just then, Salty laughed loudly. "Quarterback! I thought you were a pirate Salty said to his friend. And that looks like a pirate's treasure!" giggled salty spotting Quarterback's picnic basket. The two friends stayed on the island all day nibbling treats and playing pirate games


It was the last inning of the Pony baseball game, and the score of the two teams was tied. The ponies crowded the bleachers, cheering happily and nibbling on popcorn and peanuts. Slugger got ready for his turn at the bat.
"Bases are loaded, Slugger. We need a homerun!" said Steamer. 4-Speed's famous fast ball zipped past Slugger before he had time to swing!
"Strike one!" cried Mimic, the umpire. A second ball whizzed by Slugger. "Strike two!" called Mimic. The ponies watched breathlessly as 4-Speed pitched the final ball. With a loud crack, Slugger hit the ball, sending it so high it tickled Mr. Sun's nose!

"Home run!" laughed Slugger while the ponies ran to home base. Slugger wiggled his nose, and the baseball burst into dazzling fireworks to celebrate the winning play!


          "Whoo! Whoo!" whistled Steamer as he pushed his toy train around a toy track.  "I wish I could drive a real train," he sighed.  The Rainbow heard Steamer's wish and sent a gentle shower of magical rainbow drops onto the toy train.  Suddenly the train grew and grew until it was as big as a real train!  "All aboard!" called Steamer to the ponies.  The ponies eagerly sat on the velvet seats as Steamer climbed into the engine car and Quarterback hopped into the caboose.  Steamer blinked his eyes, and rainbow-colored railroad tracks appeared!  The ponies peeked out the windows as the train rode past Paradise Estate then up to the Rainbow for a ride in the sky!  At the end of the ride, Steamer stopped the train at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, where a delicious ice cream cake shaped just like Steamer's magical train awaited them!



One Morning, Tex opened his door  to find a mysterious box on his doorstep. "Your very own magic hat," read a note on the box. Tex opened the box and was delighted to find a cowboy hat!
"But what's so magical about a cowboy hat?" Tex wondered as he put the hat on his head. Suddenly, the Rainbow reached through the door and gently carried Tex to a spectacular desert! Pretty sand dunes glowed in bright  pinks, yellows and greens. Tex strolled across stone bridges that arched over dazzling canyons and sparkling rivers. He played a fun game of tag with some friendly prairie dogs, then he sipped cool lemonade in the shade of a prickly cactus. At the end of the day, the Rainbow carried Tex back to Ponyland. The ponies listened eagerly to Tex's trip to the desert. It  was indeed a magical hat!




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