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Baby Bouncy 

Today was a special day for Baby Bouncy. She got her first tooth! She smiled at everyone, proudly showing her new tooth. "I'm so happy!" she cried, kicking her little heels. "Would you like to see my tooth, Rainbow?" she asked her colorful friend. When the Rainbow dipped down to see Baby Bouncy's tooth, a magical drop of Rainbow dew fell on her. "I'm so happy I could dance!" she laughed. She took a step, and bounced high in the air! "The Rainbow drop is making me bounce!" she laughed. She bounced up to the clouds and over the top of the Rainbow! The other ponies watched her dance and leap. "Her new tooth put a real 'bounce' in her step!" her friends laughed.

Baby Fifi

The winter wind whistled outside, whirling the big snowflakes that fell from the sky. Baby Fifi happily watched the first snowfall cover the ground like a fluffy white blanket. Mama Fifi entered the room while she searched in her closet for her sled and ice  skates. "Can I go out and play?" asked Baby Fifi, wiggling excitedly. "Yes, Baby Fifi. And you can wear this sweater that I knitted especially for you," said Mama Fifi. She opened a large bag and took out a beautiful blue sweater. On the sweater, she had knitted a pretty white poodle with a pink bow in his hair! "My favorite friend!" cried Baby Fifi, happily putting on the warm, wooly sweater and heading outside to the winter wonderland.

Baby Lickety-Split 

"May I help you make ice cream pies?" Baby Lickety-Split asked her Mama. "Put the pies in the shade to cool," Mama Lickety-Split urged. While Baby Lickety-Split sat near the pies, she gazed dreamily at a kite floating in the sky. Suddenly, she saw melted vanilla, strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream flowing past her feet and into the Waterfall! "The ice cream pies melted when I turned away," she called to her mother with tears in her eyes. "Everyone is enjoying them just the same," Mama laughed as the ponies licked the ice cream from the Waterfall! Baby Lickety-Split was happy that th e pies weren’t ruined, and joined the delighted ponies for delicious ice cream floats!

Baby Northstar

Baby Northstar brushed her first tooth, admiring its pearly shine. As she snuggled under her bedcovers, she watched the stars outside her window. "I wish I could dance in the sky," she murmured. Just then, a little star knocked on her window. "Come out and play!" it cried to Baby Northstar. Baby Northstar held the little star's hand, and they flew into the sky! The stars danced merrily, weaving sparkling patterns in the black sky. Baby Northstar waltzed and twirled with
her friends until Mr. Sun began to open his eyes. She floated down to her bedroom and climbed into bed. Soon she was fast asleep, dreaming of her starry adventure.

Baby Quackers 

"May I go out and play?" Baby Quackers asked her Mama. "It's raining, so wear your coat and boots," reminded Mama Quackers. While Baby Quackers splished and splashed, it began to rain so hard that the puddle became a flowing river! A giant lily pad floated past her with a little duck sitting on it. "Hop on," called the friendly duck. Baby Quackers climbed on the lily pad beside the duck. "Hold tight," said the duck as the lily pad floated down a hill, sailed over a small waterfall and landed in the pond! "What a wonderful ride!" laughed Baby Quackers to the smiling duck. The two friends hurried up the hill with their lily pad for another fun ride on the water slide.


Baby Tic-Tac-Toe

The mama ponies were having a party for all the baby ponies with their first teeth. "Where is Baby Tic-Tac-Toe?" wondered her Mama, while the others put on party hats and blew noisemakers. "Baby Tic-Tac-Toe is missing all the goodies," frowned the mama ponies as the baby ponies ate cupcakes decorated with sparkling frosting. Then the baby ponies played a game of tic-tac-toe, on a big board with the baby ponies dressed as X's and O's. "She's missing  her favorite game," sighed her Mama. "Tic!" cried Baby Fifi. "Tac!" cried Baby Northstar. "Toe!"  laughed Baby Tic-Tac-Toe, leaping onto the board. All the ponies laughed at Baby Tic-Tac-Toe's surprise entrance!





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