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"I wish I could fly," Dipper sighed as she watched North Star float through the rainbow. She gazed up from the shallow water longing to touch the stars. "If I could only get up there!" she thought. She tried jumping up from the highest wave, but somersaulted down into the foamy water. Then she sat atop Mr. Whale so his shooting spout would lift her up, but she slid off because he was too slippery. Chuckling, North Star flew down and scooped up Dipper, taking her on a magical ride through the sky. They raced around the moon, nibbled on marshmallow cloud, then played tag with the stars. "My name is Dipper, too," the baby sea pony called to the Big Dipper. That night, the Big Dipper lit up the sky with a brilliant sparkle in honor of Dipper, the baby sea pony


"A Pirate Adventure!" read the mysterious party invitation. When the baby sea ponies arrived at the beach, a treasure map and a pirate costume waited fro each of them. Salty quickly put a black patch over one eye and a red bandana around her pretty mane. The baby sea ponies dashed through the water, following their treasure maps. Salty was the first to arrive at the tropical island. "Do you know where the pirate's treasure is?" Salty asked a parrot perched in a palm tree. The parrot flew to a big rock. Beneath the rock, Salty found a treasure chest! The other baby sea ponies gathered around as Salty lifted the lid. Inside, the chest was filled with beautiful jewels that sparkled and gleamed! "There's enough for everyone!" exclaimed Salty, as they dug into their "buried treasure".

Sea Breeze

"What a wonderful day to go sailing!" exclaimed Sea Breeze, the cool breeze ruffling her hair. Wiggling into her inner tube, she paddled into the ocean. "I'm too little for the wind to push me," she sighed. A friendly dolphin heard her sigh and brought her a big seashell. "I'll use it as a sail to catch the wind!" cried Sea Breeze. When she lifted the shell, a beautiful pearl rolled into her lap! Sea Breeze quickly tied the pearl around her neck with a strand of seaweed. Just then, the wind caught the seashell, and Sea Breeze sailed over the bright blue ocean. She played a game of tag with the fish and raced the dolphins to shore. At the end of the day, she wrapped her pearl necklace around the friendly dolphin who gave her the seashell sail

Sea Spray

Sea Spray and Dipper were sunning themselves on a rock. "The sun feels so good," sighed Sea Spray. Suddenly, a mischievous wave hit their rock and splashed drops of seawater on them! "Silly wave!" laughed Dipper as she dried herself with a beach towel. The wave splashed more water on them. "The wave wants to play with us," noticed Sea Spray. Sea Spray and Dipper wriggled into their inner tubes and dived into the water. They played a game of water tag with
the happy wave. When the wave "tagged" them, it playfully sprayed them with drops of seawater. At the end of the day, the wave gave Sea Spray and Dipper pretty seashells and glowing pearls. "We'll come back tomorrow for another game!" promised Sea Spray and Dipper to their new friend.


"It's time for Surfy's beach party!" exclaimed the baby sea ponies. They paddled into the ocean to play a game of water volleyball. "Whee!" cried Dipper as she bounced the ball over the net with her nose. "Time for lunch!" called Surfy, opening a basket filled with delicious treats---seashell-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cool glasses of lemonade and sweet slices of watermelon. "Let's go surfing!" cried Surfy when lunch was finished. The ponies paddled into the ocean and rode the small waves into shore. When a giant wave appeared, the sea ponies swam out of its path, but Surfy eagerly paddled out to it. She rose up into the air on the big wave, so high that she touched the clouds! The other baby sea ponies cheered as Surfy glided smoothly onto shore like a real surfer girl!


Wavy and Dipper were gathering seashells in the sand. "Look out, Wavy! A big wave is coming!" Dipper cried. The wave gently lifted Wavy up and carried her into deeper water. "Whee! This is fun!" exclaimed Wavy as the wave lifted her high into the sky, then slowly brought her back to shore. "Let's make a present for Mr. Sun," suggested Wavy. They strung together a beautiful bow tie made of seashells. "Can you bring us to Mr. Sun?" Wavy asked the big wave. The wave happily lifted Wavy and Dipper into the sky. They wrapped the bow tie around Mr. Sun's warm sunbeams. When he sprinkled a magical sundrop on Wavy and Dipper, the sundrop burst into a beautiful necklace made of glowing pearls and glittering seashells. What a perfect souvenir for a day at the beach!



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