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Bright Eyes

Everyone was having so much fun playing games and telling stories with Bright Eyes at the Lullaby Nursery, that they hardly noticed it was almost bedtime.” We want to play some more," the babies yawned.  Bright Eyes knew exactly how to make them go to bed.  "Gather 'round," she said as the babies formed a circle around her.  She placed an alarm clock in the middle of the circle and tapped her foot.  The soft tic-tock of the clock grew louder and LOUDER, until the clock began to spin like a top and the alarm bell rang a merry ring-a-ding-ding!  When it stopped, the clock danced with each laughing pony, whirling and twirling her around the room until she was so tired that she willingly climbed into her crib.  "Sweet dreams," Bright Eyes called as she tucked the little ones into bed and blew them a goodnight kiss.


Locket"Could you hold these keys for me, Locket?" Milky Way asked with a secret smile, handing three keys to her curious friend. "I wonder what they open," Locket thought to herself. After trying the keys in every door without any luck, she spotted Milky Way’s magic jewelry box on the dresser. Excitedly, she inserted the first key into the lock. It opened! She raised the lid and found a smaller box inside. Her eyes were twinkling wildly as she opened the smaller box with the second key. Inside was golden locket that glowed as bright as the sun! When she put the last key into the locket, the room filled with shooting stars and colorful rainbow arches! "I see you opened my magic locket," Milky Way said, peeking into the room. The two friends laughed and hopped on a shooting star for a whirling ride around the sky!


Mimic was playing on the beach when a giant wave washed up, leaving a bottle with a piece of paper inside it at her feet. "It's a treasure map!" she exclaimed. The first clue was a baby bottle. "The Lullabye Nursery!" she guessed. At the Nursery Mimic found the second clue, a pair of pink ballet slippers, and raced to the Baby Bonnet School of Dance. There she discovered a green feather tied with a yellow ribbon. Mimic was soon joined by a parrot who cawed, "Pieces of eight - pieces of eight." "That sounds like the Paradise Estate!" Mimic shouted. But when she arrived at the Estate, no one was there. She looked around and frowned. Just then, hundreds of balloons fell from the sky and everyone shouted, "Surprise - Happy Birthday Mimic!" What a wonderful treasure, Mimic thought as the joined the party.


 Quackers gazed at the droplets of water dancing down the window pane.  "Come play with us," they called.  Quackers donned her raincoat and hat and hurried outdoors.  "Race you to the Waterfall," the raindrops laughed.  To Quackers surprise, little ducks were swimming happily in the pond as raindrops sprinkled around them.  Quackers had an idea!  She blinked her twinkle eyes and the raindrops magically changed into all the different colors of the rainbow.  Pink, blue, green, and yellow raindrops fell everywhere!  The duckies laughed with delight as they ran back and forth through the colorful rain shower.  Quackers joined her little friends in the pond, splishing and splashing away the rest of the afternoon.


The waves gently rolled back and forth against the shore as the ponies tossed a ball in the foamy water. "Catch," Mimic called to Tic-Tac-Toe who was sunbathing lazily on the beach. Tic-Tac-Toe raised her head just in time for the ball to bounce off her nose and into the middle square of a tic-tac-toe board Galaxy had drawn in the sand. Tic-Tac-Toe blinked her eyes and the ball sprang up into the sky, again landing in the center of a tic-tac-toe board formed by the clouds. The ponies laughed as the ball jumped from square to square above them, sprinkling colorful cloud dust that glittered as it fell. To her surprise, the ponies suddenly pulled Tic-Tac-Toe up to the sky and placed her right in the center square, shaping the clouds around her into a giant heart! It was a winning move indeed.



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