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One day, Buzzer met a bumblebee who lost her way to the rose garden. "I'll take you there," Buzzer offered. They soared into the sky and followed the pink arch of the rainbow until they reached the beautiful roses. The little bee raced ahead of Buzzer to reach the flowers first. When Buzzer arrived, the bumblebee had a bouquet of pink, yellow and red roses waiting for her friend.

Story Thanks to: MorningGlorysParadise82


Glow flew through the evening sky with fireflies lighting her way. They flitted around her, making pretty designs with their blinking lights. Glow sat on a fluffy cloud to watch them form the sparkling shapes. When Mr. Sun rose in the sky, the fireflies nestled into flowers to sleep. Glow snuggled into bed too, to dream of fireflies twinkling in the starry sky.

High Flyer  

As High Flyer let the wind blow through her long bouncy curls, a dragonfly tumbled by, unable to fly in the strong wind. High Flyer gently caught the dragonfly and took it for a magical ride past fluffy clouds, the beaming sun and the shiny rainbow. "What a wonderful way to spend a windy day!" laughed High Flyer to the dragonfly as the soared together.


Lady Flutter

Lady Flutter hurried to Queen Ladybug's royal tea party. In the castle, ladybugs-in-waiting poured tea into tiny teacups and served elegant little cakes. The queen escorted Lady Flutter to her throne and placed a jeweled crown on her head. "I crown thee Lady Flutter, princess of happy occasions," Queen Ladybug announced. Lady Flutter was overjoyed at this happy occasion!

Little Flitter

 As Little Flitter gathered nectar in a flower garden, she met a hummingbird who was also collecting nectar from the flowers.  "The nectar makes my cookies taste delicious!" the hummingbird said. "I put nectar in my cookies, too!" laughed Little Flitter.  The two friends chatted happily as they gathered the sweet ingredient, sharing their favorite cookie recipes to sample
back home!


Sky Dancer

 "It's a wonderful day for a ballet!" Sky Dancer said as she gathered the
ponies at the Baby Bonnet School of Dance.  When the curtain rose, she leaped into the air, twirling in time to the music. Soon all the ponies were pirouetting and swaying on stage.  Suddenly, white doves flew onto the stage, dancing beside the delighted ponies.  "What a breathtaking finale," cried Sky Dancer!




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