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Blueberry Baskets 

It was blueberry picking time in Ponyland, so Blueberry Baskets and all her Pony friends went out to pick the sweetest tasting blueberries this side of the rainbow! "They smell better than a bouquet of flowers!" cried Blueberry Baskets, as she stuffed her berry basket with lots of blueberries. After all the berries were picked, the Ponies returned home to help Blueberry Baskets make dozens of delicious blueberry muffins for everyone! As the last batch of muffins came out of the oven, the smell of blueberries filled the air! All the Ponies thanked Blueberry Baskets for a "berry" good time!

Boysenberry Pie 

The delicious smell of boysenberries filled the air as Boysenberry Pie placed the boysenberry dessert on the windowsill to cool. As Cherry Treats strolled past the window, she smelled the boysenberry scent in the air. Quietly, she reached up to take a piece of pie. "That pie is too hot to eat, Cherry Treats, but I have another pie that has cooled. Please come in and try it!" Boysenberry Pie said to her friend. Cherry Treats happily skipped inside, where Boysenberry Pie waited with a piece of pie for each of them to eat!

Cherry Treats
Cherry Treats scampered through the sun-streaked forest with the soft summer breeze running through her hair.  She arrived at a large field filled with beautiful cherrytrees, but found that all the branches were too high for her to reach.  Saddened, Cherry Treatsstarted to walk away.  Sunddenly, a flock of golden birds swooped from the sky and filled her basket with big, scrumptious cherries!  She quickly thanked the lovely birds and ran home with  the semll of cherries drifting around her.

Cranberry Muffins

The Baby Ponies were in bed with the sniffles. "I'll surprise them with muffins!" Cranberry Muffins thought, opening her cookbook. "These cranberry muffins look delicious, but I have no cranberries," she said, glancing at a bowl of grapes. With a wink of her eye, she changed the grapes into fresh cranberries! Cranberry Muffins quickly baked the muffins and brought them to the Baby Ponies. The delicious smell of cranberries filled the room as the delighted Baby Ponies nibbled Cranberry Muffin's scrumptious treat!

Story provided by: Lucky Leaf

Raspberry Jam 

COME TO THE MEADOW FOR BREAKFAST, read the invitations. When the Ponies arrived at the meadow, they found Raspberry Jam seated at a table covered with plates of toasted bread
and pitchers of cold milk. "Something is missing," said Raspberry Jam, smiling mischievously. When she blinked her eyes, jars of raspberry jam appeared on the table! The delicious smell of raspberries filled the air as the Ponies spread the sweet jam on the toast. "Thanks for the berry special breakfast!" laughed Cherry Treats, putting jam on another slice of bread!

Strawberry Surprise 

Strawberry Surprise strolled in the sun beneath a big parasol. "I smell strawberries!" she exclaimed, following the sweet scent to a patch of strawberries. Glancing up at a little cloud, Strawberry Surprise had an idea! She turned the parasol upside down and filled it with  strawberries.  When she wiggled her nose, the cloud rained fresh cream into her parasol! As she nibbled a cream covered strawberry,  Strawberry Surprise called all her friends to join her for a sweet afternoon treat!



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