Year 6
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Cha Cha

Cha Cha and Glow slipped on their mittens and skipped to the pond for Cha Cha's first ice skating lesson. As Cha Cha wobbled and slipped across the ice, Glow touched her friends skates with her magical wings. "My skates are moving by themselves!" laughed Cha Cha as she twirled and spun across the ice on the magical skates. She couldn't wait to find out when her next ice skating lesson would be!


As the ponies decorated a field for their summer party, they came upon a huge boulder too big for any of them to move. "It's too heavy," said Merriweather as she and her friends pushed against the big rock. Just then, Cutesaurus joined her friends. "I'm strong enough to move it," she said, easily rolling the rock out of the field. To thank their friend, the ponies made Cutesaurus the guest of honor at their party!


Edgar and Baby Snippy strolled in a beautiful garden of tall flowers. They sniffed the fragrant air and admired the colorful flowers bobbing above their heads. Baby Snippy tried to pick one of the flowers, but
they were too tall for her. Edgar reached up with his long nose and gently picked a flower for his pony friend. "Thank you, Edgar!" said Baby Snippy, weaving the flower into Edgar's hair.


One day a strange-looking pony arrived in ponyland. The ponies ran to greet the stranger, bringing him sweet treats from the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. "You have funny ears for a pony," said Merriweather to the odd-looking pony. The stranger laughed. "I'm not a pony. I'm a moose! And these are antlers, not ears!" The ponies laughed at their mistake and spent the rest of the day playing with their new friend, Oakly the moose!



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