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Princess Dawn

"Rise and shine," Princess Dawn smiled, calling her sleepy friends to breakfast. But no one got out of bed. Princess Dawn had an idea! She arranged a tray of food and placed it in the center of the bedroom. She blinked her eyes and the juice pitcher magically became a flowing fountain. Platters of eggs, toast and muffins floated around the fountain as the ponies jumped out of bed. "Pass the jam please," they laughed, munching on this unusual breakfast

Princess Pristina

As Princess Pristina watched the Baby Ponies picking flowers in the field, she thought of an amusing surprise for her little friends. She blinked her eyes at the flowers, then sat under a tree to enjoy the fun. When Snippy picked a daisy she found a glittering jewel in the center of the flower! “Look, I found one too!” cried Graffiti, holding a sweet pea twinkling with jewels. The Baby Ponies gathered bouquets of magical flowers to surprise the Princess Ponies. “Thank you for the surprise!” Snippy laughed as she handed Princess Pristina a bouquet of flowers.

Princess Misty

Deep within the enchanted forest, Princess Misty searched for the answer to how she became a princess.  She asked the evergreen trees, but they didn't know.  Neither did the snowy mountains nor the little woodland creatures.  But the wise west wind heard her plea and told her that Princess Ponies are the most magical ponies in Ponyland.  Their jeweled medallions hold secrets for happiness and their glittering streaks of hair glimmer with good wishes. Hearing this, she set off to make a special wish come true.

Princess Moondust 

One night, as Princess Moondust admired her glittering medallion, she wished that all of Ponyland could shine like the Princess Ponies jewels. It can shine with your magic, the night wind whispered to her. When Princess Moondust nodded her head, sparkling moondust drifted from the sky, covering trees and grass until all of Ponyland looked as if it was decorated with twinkling jewels. The ponies waltzed in the night, enjoying Princess Moondust's glistening surprise.

Princess Sunbeam

Princess Sunbeam watched the grey clouds gather in the sky. Inside the castle, the ponies sadly put aside their plan to join the Princess Ponies for a tea party in the courtyard. Princess Sunbeam called upon her magic to save the day for her friends. She sent sunbeams from her medallion and pushed the grey clouds beyond the farthest hills, until the sky was bright blue. The ponies cheered at the beautiful day created for them with Princess sunbeam's royal magic.

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Princess Taffeta 

I need a new hairdo! Princess Taffeta cried, rushing into the Perm Shoppe an hour before the Royal Ball. While Fifi curled her hair, Taffeta sewed shiny pearls to her gown. Do you like it? Fifi asked, finishing the french twist. Excitedly, Taffeta turned to look in the mirror and accidentally spilled lotion all over the dress! Like magic, each drop turned into a dazzling sequin, making the dress even more beautiful! You’ll really be the belle of the ball! Fifi laughed.



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