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One windy day, the wind blew Bouquet's new hat right off her head. Just as she caught the colorful hat, the wind pulled it higher carrying Bouquet into the air! The surprised pony flew into the bright blue sky. She nibbled marshmallow clouds as she sailed past them. A little robin flew beside her, chirping merrily with her new flying friend. After the wind gently placed Bouquet on the ground, she offered her hat to the other ponies. "Anyone for a ride?" she asked with a smile

Braided Beauty

Braided Beauty relaxed on the beach beneath the warm sun. The soothing sound of the waves soon put her fast asleep. As she dozed, a little starfish wove her hair into beautiful braids. When she awoke, she was surprised at her new hairdo! Braided Beauty and her little friend spent the day building a big sandcastle and splashing in the waves. At the end of the day, Braided Beauty hurried home to tell all the ponies about the little starfish who makes pretty braids.

Curly Locks

It was the day of the Pony Springtime Ball. Curly Locks arrived at the Pony Perm Shoppe to find that Fifi had no more ribbons to decorate the ponies' hair! Curly Locks noticed beautiful flowers growing outside the window of the Perm Shoppe. She quickly raced outside and gathered colorful flower petals in a basket. When she blinked her eyes at the basket, the petals turned into silky ribbons! Curly Locks returned to the Pony Perm Shoppe to surprise Fifi with her basket of magical ribbons!

Pretty Vision 

One day, Pretty Vision found a magical hand mirror that helps make everything prettier. As she looked in the mirror to admire the curls she had arranged on the top of her head, a stream of light popped out of the mirror and onto her hair. When Pretty Vision looked in the mirror again, she saw dozens of colorful ribbons wrapped around her curls. "Where did you get such a fabulous hairdo?" Ringlets asked, entering the room. "It was magic," said Pretty Vision, winking at her mirror.


One day, Ringlets and her friends dressed in some old clothes and shoes they found. As Ringlets placed a floral headband on her head, the flowers on the headband changed into sparkling jewels with long ribbons that touched the floor, and the dress she'd put on turned into a satin gown. Attached to a ribbon was a note that read: THIS HEADBAND BELONGS TO THE PRINCESS PONIES. WHOEVER FINDS IT WILL BECOME PRINCESS FOR A DAY. As Ringlets pranced about regally, the ponies wondered what her majesty would do next!

Twisty Tail

At Twisty Tail's slumber party, the ponies dressed in their nighties, then munched snacks in the living room. "Let's try new hair styles," Twisty Tail suggested. Combs and curlers were scattered everywhere as the ponies styled each other's hair. As Bouquet brushed Twisty Tail's hair, she noticed streaks of color appearing with every stroke. "Your hair is changing color!" Bouquet cried. "I tried a new rainbow rinse and it really works," Twisty Tail laughed, passing it to the others to try.



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