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"Come and play, bunnies!" Romper called to her furry friends one sunny summer day. They all hopped to a field to play a game of tag, then they stopped to nibble sweet clover when it was time for a snack. Romper was so happy that her tail began to twirl around and around! With each
twirl, her pony magic drifted over the field, turning the clover into tiny bells that chimed gently in the breeze! What a beautiful sound the little bells made, calling all the pony friends to play.


Squeezer was planting flowers in her garden but soon grew tired of digging holes in the ground. Just then, adorable little puppies romped by. Squeezer had a wonderful idea! "Let's play a game," she said to the puppies. She began to dig a hole, and the puppies eagerly  began to dig holes too! When the puppies finished digging, Squeezer twirled her tail and the flowers magically popped into the holes! "What a fun way to plant flowers!" laughed Squeezer, joining the puppies for a nap under the trees.


As Tabby skipped though a field, the long grass tickled her tummy, making her giggle. Her magical tail twirled as she laughed, brushing against the rainbow. Suddenly, lion cubs scampered down the rainbow and tumbled around Tabby! "We love to tickle each other!" they shouted to Tabby, pouncing on each other and tickling their furry tummies. Tabby joined the baby lions in a game of tickling, until they were all tired from giggling so much! In Ponyland, even tickles are magical!

Tall Tales

Tall Tales watched fluffy clouds float by.  "That cloud looks like a castle!  And that one looks a bear!"  she said.  "I'd love to play with the clouds,"  she thought, twirling her tail.  Suddenly, the clouds magically turned into giraffes!  "Come and play with us!"  they called to Tall Tales.Tall Tales and her new friends played hide-and-seek until stars filled the sky.  As Tall Tales climed into bed, she could hardly wait until tomorrow to see what other friends her pony magic could make with the clouds!


One day, Tossles met fuzzy bear cubs playing in the forest. "Join us for honeycakes and tea," they said to Tossles. Inside the cave, Tossles nibbled the sweet cakes and sipped the tasty tea. "You're so pretty and colorful," said the baby bears, glancing in their dark, gloomy cave.
Tossles had a bright idea! When she twirled her tail, rainbow ribbons and shimmering sunbeams floated into the cave, filling it with color and light! "What a beautiful surprise!" exclaimed the cubs as Tossles took another slice of cake.


As Woosie Strolled past a pond, she met a group of mice sitting on the shore. "We were sailing, but our paper boat sank," they sadly explained to Woosie. Glancing around, Woosie spotted a big maple leaf.  With a twirl of her tail, she magically turned the leaf into a wooden boat with a tiny white sail!  As the happy mice leaped into the boat, Woosie twirled her tail gain to send the boat sailing across the water.  "Bon voyage!" laughed Woosie, waving to her friends.




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