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In the corner of the nursery, a little teddy bear was crying because his stuffing was coming out at the seams and he lost the buttons from his vest. Cuddles saw the bear and had an idea. She took some silken threads from a spider's web and sewed his seams up and down. Then she replaced the missing buttons with sparkling seashells from the beach. She even wrapped a pretty bow tie around his neck. The bear was so happy, he picked a special bouquet of flowers just for Cuddles!

Cloud Dreamer

As Cloud Dreamer watched the clouds forming different designs in the sky, one cloud turned into a fluffy white castle! Cloud Dreamer rode the rainbow's arch to the drawbridge. Inside the castle, the walls sparkled with silvery glitter. She climbed to the top of a tower and found a little dragon who wanted to play with her! The two friends floated through the sky, waving hello to the ponies on the ground and sprinkling them with the cloud's silver glitter to wish them a happy day at play.


Floater was very excited as she stepped into the basket with Lofty for her first balloon ride. Up,up,up they went. They waved to Mr. Sun along the way, rode down the rainbow like a slide, then glided over to a
cloud that looked just like an ice cream cone! "Take a lick," Lofty laughed, as the cloud magically became a giant scoop of chocolate ice cream. Ponyland was such a wonderful place,even high above the clouds!

Magic Hat

"Abracadabra, presto chango!" Magic Hat chanted, trying to pull a rabbit from a hat. But her trick didn't work. "You forgot to wave the wand," said a little bird flying by. Magic Hat tried the trick again and followed to bird's advice. "It worked," she sang as she pulled out a bunny. Suddenly, the hat started to wobble. Magic Hat reached down and pulled out another bunny, and another, and yet another! "All it takes is a little magic", Magic Hat laughed, hopping around with the bunnies!

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror said to the Newborn Twins, carefully placing her magic hand mirror on her lap.  "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess," she began, holding up the mirror.  Suddenly, the twins saw a Princess Pony in the mirror!  As Mirror Mirror described a wicked witch, the character appeared in the glass.  "Now it's naptime," said Mirror Mirror at the end of the story.  She held up the mirror, and the twins laughed with delight.  The mirror showed them fast asleep in their cribs!


One March day, Windy was flying her colorful new kite in the cool spring breeze. Suddenly a gust of wind carried her kite into a tree! Windy tugged on the string, but it was hopelessly tangled in the branches. "Mr. Tree, could you untangle my kite?" asked Windy. The tree wiggled his leaves and slipped the kite off his branches, gently placing it on the ground. Windy winked an eye at the tree and filled his branches with big red apples to thank him for freeing her kite!



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