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Baby Noddins 

Baby Noddins joined Mrs. Rabbit in a field for a clover party. As they sipped clover tea and nibbled cakes dipped in clover honey, the sun became very warm. When Baby Noddins wiggled her nose at the clover around their table, the clover grew high above their heads and shaded them from the sun. "It's a perfect cover for a clover party!" laughed Mrs. Rabbit, passing Baby Noddins another slice of cake.

Baby Ribbs 

Baby Ribbs dreams of becoming a courageous knight when he grows up. While taking his nap, the rainbow gently carried Baby Ribbs to a place in the clouds. "Where am I?" he wondered  then he woke up. "At the Dream Castle," answered Majesty, the unicorn. "And there's a party for you in the courtyard," added her dragon Spike, handing him a shield and sword of his very own.

Baby Snippy

As Baby Snippy played with her paper dolls, a wind carried one of them into the air! It passed through Mr. Sun's rays, then jumped onto a cloud and began to dance! "It's magical sunshine!" cried Baby Snippy as the doll waltzed in the sky. The doll hopped to the ground, carrying drops of sunshine in her hands. Baby Snippy sprinkled the drops on all her dolls, and they began to dance, too!

Baby Sweet Stuff 

Everyone was having fun at Baby Sweet Stuffs birthday party when a mysterious package arrived. Inside the box was a beautiful doll, but no one knew who sent it. When the cake was served, Baby Sweet Stuff made a wish and blew out the candles. Suddenly, the new doll came to life! Happy Birthday, Baby Sweet Stuff. Iím the special playmate you wished for, giggled the doll. Letís have some cake.

Baby Whirly Twirl

Bees buzzed nearby as Baby Whirly Twirl dozed in a field.  He dreamed that  the buzzing sounds came from a little helicopter that took him for a ride in  the sky.  Suddenly the buzzing became so loud that he woke up!  "I still hear  buzzing,Ē he thought.  When he glanced toward the noise, he saw the  helicopter from his dream!  Happily, he hopped inside for a dream-come-true  ride in the sky!

Baby Graffiti

Baby Graffiti was sad because it was raining. "Let's draw a picture of a sunny day," said Buttons. They drew a sun, a rainbow, and ponies jumping rope under a tree. Suddenly, the rainbow popped up and slid under the door! To Baby Graffiti's surprise, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining as her friends twirled a jumprope under a tree. "Your turn," Baby Snippy smiled to her friend.



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