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While waiting for a chocolate soda at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, Dainty noticed something was missing. "There are no flowers here!" she thought. She blinked her eyes and suddenly, there were flowers everywhere! Ice cream cones burst into vases of violets, the soda fountain poured out a stream of rose petals and a jar of cherries became the largest bouquet of pink carnations anyone had ever seen! Dainty smiled as she served everyone ice cream sundaes topped with daisies.

Fancy Flower

At the Poof 'N Puff Perfume Palace, Fancy Flower gazed into the mirror and wondered what hair style she should try next. "I want a glamorous new look," she said, adjusting a wide-brim hat on her head. Suddenly, the mirror began to change colors. When it became clear again, it showed that Fancy Flower's hat had turned into a beautiful wreath of flowers, with strands of satin ribbons woven through her curls. "It's beautiful!" Fancy Flower exclaimed to the smiling mirror, and hurried off to show her friends.


It was the night of the Ponyland Ball and everyone wondered who would be crowned the queen. As Flowerburst dressed, a mysterious package was delivered with her name on it. Inside was a beautiful
corsage! Flowerburst pinned it on her gown and entered the ballroom, hoping to discover who sent the corsage. She asked everyone, but no one knew. When it was time to crown the queen, the corsage magically bloomed into a shimmering crown covered with flowers and pearls that Dainty placed on Flowerburst's head.

Frilly Flower

Snow was falling, and Frilly Flower sighed because all her favorite flowers were asleep until spring. "Go to the garden," Mr. Sun giggled through the frosty windowpane, seeing how unhappy she was. Like magic, the snowflakes changed into golden rays of sunshine that woke the sleeping flowers into full bloom. Frilly Flower picked a big, beautiful bouquet then raced into the sky and tucked a pretty red rose behind Mr. Sun's ear to thank him for bringing a touch of spring to such
a wintry day. 

Spring Song

Spring was in the air, and Spring Song decided to invite her friends to a picnic by the Waterfall. She packed their favorite sandwiches, lots of tasty nuts and berries for nibbling, and even tiny heart-shaped cakes for dessert. After lunch, they took a swim and then strolled through the garden to gather pretty flowers. When it was time to go home, Spring Song blinked her eyes and a shower of rose petals fell from the sky. The ponies could hardly wait for Spring Song's next get-together.

Wild Flower

 As Wild Flower sat on the beach braiding water lilies through her hair,  she saw a pretty mermaid watching her from behind a rock. "Come and join me," Wild Flower called, but the shy mermaid dived back into the foamy water. Wild Flower tossed some flowers into the waves then shook her head from side to side. Smiling, the mermaid jumped up from the water with flowers in her hair, just like Wild Flower's! The two friends spent the day collecting  seashells for tomorrow's hair style!



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