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Brilliant Bloom 

While taking a stroll, Brilliant Bloom spotted an unusual flower garden behind a big oak tree. "These flowers will look lovely in my hair," she thought as she reached down to pick some. Suddenly, the flowers started to dance and jump, and magnificent jewels twinkled in their centers! Then a giggling tulip popped up and kissed Brilliant Bloom's forehead - leaving a dazzling jewel for her to wear - while that others arranged themselves in Brilliant Bloom's sparkling hair.

Glittering Gem

"I have a surprise for you!" Glittering Gem said to the baby ponies, handing each of them a stick with a heart-shaped hole on the end of it. Glittering Gem brought the curious ponies to a big tub of soapy water. "Dip the stick in the water, then blow through the holes," Glittering Gem told them. When they blew through the holes, heart-shaped bubbles streamed from the stick and filled the air! Some of the bubbles landed on Glittering Gem and popped, leaving a bright, sparkling jewel and shimmering strands in her hair!


Walking through the forest, Skylark saw two sparrows building a nest.  "I'll help  you," offered Skylark, gathering twigs for the delighted birds.  When they finished, Skylark said,  "It needs something pretty!"  Then she took several ribbons from her long, glittering hair and wove them throughout the nest, making it the most spectacular one in Ponyland!  "Here's something pretty for you, too!" said the sparrows, giving Skylark a sparkling jewel to wear!

Star Gleamer 

One night, Star Gleamer floated through the sky on a fluffy cloud, admiring the twinkling stars above her head.  She brushed her long, sparkling hair as the cool wind gently tossed her lovely tresses.  "Your hair is so beautiful!" a star exclaimed, sprinkling stardust on  Star Gleamer's forehead.  The delighted pony shook her head, and the stardust became a golden headband with a glittering jewel in the center!  "Now you twinkle just like me!" laughed the star, wrapping a beam of starlight around the happy pony.



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