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"Lets listen to some music," D. J. suggested to the ponies, strolling into a room at the castle. She switched on the radio and a happy tune filled the room. Soon, D.J. and her friends were dancing to the music, their tails twirling around and around with the beat! Smiling, D.J. touched the radio with her magic horn, and musical notes popped out of the radio, dancing in the air! When the song was over, the notes turned into glittering ribbons for the ponies to wear in their hair!


It was nearly dark in Ponyland when the ponies gathered under the light of the rainbow. Player brought her guitar and began to strum a lively, happy tune. Soon, the other ponies were dancing to the music, their tails spinning it time to the song. When Player finished the song, she rested her guitar against the window. Suddenly, the guitar started playing by itself! "This guitar is magic!" Player shouted to the other ponies, who were already whirling and twirling to the beat.


Songster peeked into the empty music room in the castle and found a microphone on the stage. She turned it on and began to sing, her beautiful voice drifting out the open windows and filling the air. Outside, the ponies stopped their games and followed the pretty voice to the music room. When they arrived, they found Songster singing and dancing as her tail twirled with happiness! 
"Please sing another song!" cried the ponies, applauding Songster's surprise concert!


While the Newborn Ponies were playing outside, Swinger went to the nursery to tidy the room. She put on her headphones and began to dance to a pretty song, twirling her tail with each graceful step. As she danced, her tail brushed against the toys and  clothes that were lying on the floor. Suddenly, the toys began to dance into the toybox and the clothes spun into drawers and closets! "What a magical way to clean a room!" laughed Swinger, waltzing across the floor with a teddy bear!

Tap Dancer 

The audience at the theater was filled with anticipation as Tap Dancer appeared on stage with her top hat and cane. When the music began to play, Tap Dancer waltzed across the stage, her tail twirling around and around to the pretty melody. After the song ended, she pointed her cane at the ceiling and magically, a shower of bright confetti fell from above. Then she stood at center stage and tipped her hat to the cheering crowd, while dazzling colors fluttered everywhere.


The ponies were having fun listening to their favorite records when suddenly, Twirler had a great idea. She blinked her eyes, and the records flew to her and her friends, lifting them off the ground like magic carpets! Then, the records carried the delighted ponies all the way to the moon, where bright moonlight and twinkling stars made it the perfect place for a dance party. "This is the most fun I've ever had!" shouted Twirler, twirling her tail as she danced with her friends.



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