Year 7
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Bright Bouquet Family 

Baby Bright Bouquet sat on the grass, drawing colorful flowers and red hearts with her crayons. "These are pretty pictures, Baby Bright Bouquet," said Mommy and Daddy Bright Bouquet, admiring the drawings. Just then, Mommy and Daddy Bright Bouquet had a colorful idea! When Daddy blinked his eyes, the hearts turned into red, heart shaped balloons and floated off the paper! Mommy Bright Bouquet wiggled her nose, and the flowers popped off the page and onto the grass! Smiling, Baby Bright Bouquet gathered a bouquet of flowers for her mommy and a bunch a heart-shaped balloons for her daddy!

Apple Delight Family 

It was apple picking day in Ponyland! Daddy Apple Delight picked apples and gave them to Mommy Apple Delight to put in a basket. "I'm too little to reach the branches," said Baby Apple Delight, trying to reach an apple. Smiling at Baby Apple Delight, Daddy Apple Delight placed a leaf on the ground, and Mommy Apple Delight placed an apple next to the leaf. When they blinked their eyes, the leaf and apple grew into a baby sized tree, filled with tiny red apples! "I can pick these apples!" laughed Baby Apple Delight, taking an apple from the little tree and placing it in the basket!

Sweet Celebrations Family 

The Sweet Celebrations Family was preparing a party for all their woodland animal friends. Mommy Sweet Celebrations ties colorful balloons to tree branches, where they swayed in the cool breeze. Daddy Sweet Celebrations arrived with presents wrapped in pretty paper and  decorated with ribbons and bows. "Here they come!" cried Baby Sweet Celebrations, as the animals approached. "Surprise!" exclaimed the ponies, tossing confetti into the air as the animals clapped with delight. To welcome their party guests, Baby Sweet Celebrations gave each animal friend a balloon and a present!



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