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Baby Stripes and Baby Nectar 

As baby Stripes and Baby Nectar sat on a cloud, a gust of wind tumbled the cloud end over end, sending the two friends sailing through the air! PLOP! PLOP! Baby Stripes and Baby Nectar landed in a soft, sweet-smelling place. Looking around, Baby Stripes saw Mrs. Bumblebee and knew they were in the flower where Mrs. Bumblebee and her family lived. "I'm glad you could drop in!" Mrs. Bumblebee exclaimed, laughing at the sudden arrival of her two friends!

Baby Lucky Leaf and Baby Leafy

Baby Lucky Leaf and Baby Leafy playfully chased each other through a field of clover. "The rainbow is very pretty," Baby Leafy said, admiring the colorful stripes in the sky. Smiling, Baby Lucky Leaf touched the field with her magical horn. Poof! The clover became bright shades of pink, blue, green, and yellow! "Now the clover is as pretty as the rainbow!" laughed Baby Lucky Leaf, as Baby Leafy made clover necklaces for both of them to wear.

Baby Pockets and Baby Hoppy 

Baby Pockets and Baby Hoppy gathered acorns to bake a pie for the squirrels. "The basket is full but we need more acorns," Baby Pockets sighed. "I have a pocket to carry more acorns!" Baby Hoppy smiled showing her pouch to her friend. After they filled Baby Hoppy's pouch with acorns, the two friends hurried home to bake the pie. "I'll ask my mama to sew pockets in my clothes so I can have pouches like you!" Baby Pockets laughed.

Baby Fleecy and Baby Woolly 

As Baby Fleecy and Baby Woolly played with their toys, they knocked over a basket of Whirly's yarn. The balls rolled away, getting tangled as they unwound. Baby Fleecy quickly wiggled her nose, and the yarn began to roll into balls all by itself! As the last ball hopped into the basket, Whirly peeked into the room. "What are you doing?" she asked the two friends. "Just practicing my pony magic," replied Baby Fleecy, winking at Baby Woolly.

TAF Megan and Sundance

Megan and Sundance were enjoying the fun rides and games at the Ponyland Fair. As they stopped for a snack, the cotton candy machine splattered the sweet treat all over them. Mr. Sun touched the cotton candy in their hair, turning their sticky tresses to beautiful pink streaks! Next, he tapped the two friends with another beam of light, and the cotton candy changed into heart-shaped designs on Sundance's body and Megan's dress! "Everything is a fun surprise at the Ponyland Fair!" laughed the two friends, admiring their pretty, new looks!



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