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Caramel Crunch 

It was raining all over Ponyland, so Caramel Crunch and Lemon Treats decided to go to a movie. "How about a snack for the show?" Lemon Treats asked her friend. Caramel Crunch knew just what to do! She blinked her eyes andů POP-POP-POP... the falling raindrops burst into yummy caramel-coated popcorn! The damp air carried the scent of the sweet treat as the two friends scooped up popcorn for the other ponies. With all the excitement, Caramel Crunch and Lemon Treats forgot about the movie and the dreary, rainy day.

Lemon Treats

With all the decorations in place, Lemon Treats hurriedly removed Carmel Crunch's birthday cake from the oven. The smell of lemons filled the air, as she placed the cake on the window sill to cool. When the cake was ready, Lemon Treats frosted it with luscious lemon icing. "Now for the finishing touch!" Lemon Treats said, tossing  heart-shaped candies into the air! Some candies landed on the cake, while others burst into beautiful balloons to welcome the party guests as they arrived!


"These party invitations will be quite a surprise!" Molasses laughed, as  she finished baking gingerbread man cookies one morning. She wrote the day, time and place of the party on the cookies with icing, then placed  one outside each pony's door. The ponies awoke to the delicious smell of  cinnamon. When they opened their doors, they were delighted to find a  party invitation written on one of Molasses's cookies! 
"Only Molasses could make an invitation delicious!" laughed Lemon  Treats, taking a bite of her cookie! 

Mint Dreams

"Yumm! This is delicious!" Mint Dreams said as she strolled through the park, licking a peppermint lollipop. Glancing at some nearby trees, she suddenly had an idea. When she blinked her eyes twice, a forest of rainbow-colored lollipops appeared in the middle of the park! All the other ponies playing in the park followed the sweet peppermint scent to the lollipop forest where Mint Dreams was waiting with luscious lollipops for everyone to enjoy!

Story Provided by: Erin

Sugar Apple 

Sugar Apple was making a batch of candy as a special snack for the ponies. "Needs a little more sugar," she thought, tasting the red mixture. As she reached for the sugar, she accidentally tipped over a bowl of apples and sent them tumbling into the candy mixture! She quickly scooped the apples from the mixture and placed a lollipop stick in each one. As the sweet apple scent filled the kitchen, Sugar Apple tasted one of the candy-coated apples. "What a delicious idea!" she laughed, taking another bite of the tasty treat!

Sugar Sweet

After a fun day of playing hide-and-go-seek, Sugar Sweet and Lemon Treats were very hungry. "I'd like something sweet and tasty to eat," said Sugar Sweet, looking up at the sky. With a swish of her tail, a passing cloud suddenly became a ball of fluffy, pink cotton candy! The two ponies flew up to the candy cloud and munched on the sugary treat until it was all gone! With the delicious candy scent still in the air, Sugar Sweet and Lemon Treats searched for another cloud to bring to their friends!



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