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Beach Ball 

As the Sunshine Ponies tossed a beach ball back and forth, the wind blew it into the ocean, and the waves quickly carried it out to sea. Beach Ball dipped her foot in the water, and the waves turned into lots of beach balls! The ponies ran to the shoreline, touching the magical waves as they scooped up the beach balls. Suddenly, strands of their hair began to change color as the sun shone on them! "Now our hair is as colorful as the beach balls!" laughed Beach Ball, tossing a ball into the air!


Mainsail stood on the dock admiring her new sailboat. "It needs more color, "she thought, frowning at the white sails. She flew into the air and took some magical powder from the rainbow. She tossed the glittering powder on the sails, and bright designs magically appeared on the sails! Some of the rainbow powder drifted onto Mainsail's hair, streaking it with color when the sun touched her tresses! Admiring her new hairdo, she hopped in her boat and headed out to sea!

Sand Digger 

Sand Digger watched the Baby Ponies fill their pails with sand and carry them to a sand castle they were building. As Baby Bows passed by, she dropped her pail and spilled sand on Sand Digger! "Your hair is full of sand," said Baby Bows, trying to wipe it away. Smiling, Sand
Digger shook her head, and the sand turned into drops of water, then the wet strands changed color when the sun shone on them! "Color our hair, too!" laughed the Baby Ponies, bringing pails of sand to Sand Digger!


 Seaflower sat on a rock by the sea, letting the breeze run through her long hair.  The sun touched her mane and tail, changing some of the strands to another beautiful color!  As Seaflower admired the magical streaks of color, a starfish climbed onto the rock beside her.  "Here's something for your pretty hair," said the starfish, placing a headband made of shiny seashells of Seaflower's head.  "I have something for you, too!" laughed Seaflower, slipping a tiny pearl bracelet onto one of the starfish's arms.


Shoreline hummed happily as she strolled along the beach. "Mr. Sun is very bright today!" she thought, shading her eyes from the light. As she put on her sunglasses, she got a idea! When she blinked her eyes twice, sunglasses appeared on Mr. Sun's face! Her shining friend was happy
with the special gift, and touched Shoreline's mane and tail with a magical beam of light. Suddenly, strands of Shoreline's hair began to change color! Shoreline hurried to show her friends Mr. Sun's colorful surprise.

Wave Runner 

Wave Runner swam through the sea to a castle made of pink coral. Inside the castle, Queen Seahorse sat on her throne, waiting for her pony friend to arrive. Wave Runner gave her a beautiful seashell necklace, and the queen styled Wave Runner's hair with a magical hair pick made of pearls. When Wave Runner returned to shore, she was delighted to see strands of her hair change color when the sun touched them! She quickly ran to show her friends the colorful surprise from her royal friend beneath the waves.



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