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Dainty Dahlia 

"What a lovely hairdo, Dainty Dahlia!"  exclaimed Sweet Lily as the two friends huried to a party.  Suddenly, Dainty Dahlia's hair got caught in a low tree branch and came undone!  "Now what shall I do?" 
she sighed.  Sweet Lily gathered dahlias from a flower garden and wove them into Dainty Dahlia's hair, creating a hairdo even lovelier than the one before!  To thank Sweet Lily for her help, Dainty Dahlia
changed a dahlia into a bottle of perfume and sprinkled a few drops of the pretty scent on her delighted friend!

Daisy Sweet 

"All I need is a dab of perfume!" Daisy Sweet said as she finished dressing for the party. Daisy Sweet reached for the perfume and accidentally tipped over the bottle, splattering perfume all over her new party dress. "I don't have time to change," she sighed. Just then, Sweet Suds entered the room and saw the spots on Daisy Sweet's dress. Smiling, Sweet Suds blinked her eyes and daises appeared over the spots. Then Sweet Suds pulled a daisy from the hem and tucked it into Daisy Sweet's hair for a pretty finishing touch.

Lavender Lace

"Spring is here!" exclaimed Lavender Lace, smelling the sweet scent of flowers in the air. The ponies eagerly ran outside to pick flowers and play in the sunshine. Lavender Lace strolled in a garden, admiring the fragrant scents. "This will make a pretty perfume," she thought, coming upon a lilac bush. With a wink of an eye, she changed one of the lilacs into a tiny perfume jar with a cover! "What a wonderful scent!" she said, opening the jar and dabbing lilac perfume behind her ears!

Red Roses

One day, Red Roses found a perfume bottle on her doorstep with a note attached that read "magical Rose Perfume". "why is it magic?" she wondered, spraying the fragrant perfume behind her ears. As she ran to show her friends the mysterious bottle, she stumbled and spilled a few drops of perfume on the floor. POOF! Suddenly, three beautiful red roses lay on the floor where the drops had fallen. "I see you found the present I left for you, Red Roses," laughed Lavender Lace, handing her friend the magical bouquet of roses!
Story Provided by: Kar Red Roses and Diamond and Silly Song

Sweet Lily 

Sweet Lily sat at her dressing table trying to decide on a new hairdo. Outside her window, tow lovebirds watched as she brushed, curled and tried style after style. Chirping a sweet tweet-tweet-tweet, they flew off and returned to Sweet Lily's windowsill with beautiful lace
ribbons from the silver lining of a nearby cloud. Excitedly, Sweet Lily wove the ribbons through her hair, creating a truly beautiful hairdo. Then she twisted the last ribbon into a heart shape and placed it around her two special friends.

Sweet Suds 

"It's bath time!" Sweet Suds called to the Newborn Ponies as she filled the tub. Reluctantly, the little ponies scampered in. "we'd rather make mud pies and jump in the leaves," they sighed through dirty faces. Sweet Suds smiled and poured her special bubble bath into the water.
Suddenly, the bubbles began to pop, changing into colorful balloons that danced around the tub! "This is more fun that a circus!" the newborns laughed, asking Sweet Suds if they could stay in longer!



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