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Baby Bows 

Baby Bows frowned at the loose, lopsided bow in her hair. "I wish I could wear a bow that wouldn't come undone," she thought, brushing a little dust from her pants. Suddenly, she had an idea! She took the ribbon from her hair and waved it in the air. Suddenly, tiny bows appeared all over her pants! "Now I have bows that will stay tied!" she laughed, admiring her colorful new pants.

Baby Dots 'n Hearts 

When the rain stopped, Baby Dots 'n Hearts ran outside to make mud pies in the dirt. When she finished playing, she wiped the mud from her hands and saw that her pants were covered with mud, too! Smiling, she wiggled her nose, and the muddy spots on her pants changed into little hearts and tiny dots! "It's so fun to play in the mud!" laughed Baby Dots 'n Hearts, running home to show off her new pants!

Baby Glider 

One day, Baby Glider met a pretty butterfly with brightly colored wings. The two friends flew into the sky, dipping and diving in the air and playing peek-a-boo in the clouds. Before she flew away, the butterfly gave Baby Glider a pair of pants decorated with tiny butterflies to remember their visit. It was a very special gift indeed, thought Baby Glider as she waved goodbye to the smiling butterfly.

Baby Splashes 

One summer day, Baby Splashes went swimming with the ducks in the pond. She tried to glide through the water like her friends, but splashed about instead. The ducks knew how to help her! "Quack, Quack!" they sang and suddenly, little duck designs appeared on Baby Splashes' pants! Soon, she was floating around the pond as smoothly as her pals! "When I wear these pants, I can swim just like you!" Baby Splashes told the smiling ducks.

Baby Starburst 

One night, Baby Starburst went for a ride on a soft, fluffy cloud. She listened to the moon sing pretty lullabies and waved at the twinkling stars. Just before dawn, the moon sprinkled moon dust on Baby Starburst, and suddenly, tiny stars and moons appeared on her pants! She returned to her bed, falling sound asleep as the moon whispered "Sweet dreams, Baby Starburst!"

Baby Sunnybunch 

One day, Baby Glider gave Baby Sunnybunch a pretty bouquet of roses and daisies. But the flowers soon began to wilt and lose their color. "I wish I could have flowers that stayed pretty for a long time," Baby Sunnybunch sighed. Smiling mischievously, Baby Glider blinked twice, and bright flower designs magically appeared on Baby Sunnybunch's pants! "These flowers will always stay beautiful!" Baby Glider said to her friend.



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