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Baby Countdown 

"I wish I could fly in a spaceship," sighed Baby Countdown as he played with his toy spaceship. The sun heard his wish and magically sent a spaceship made of golden sunbeams for Baby Countdown to ride! Baby Countdown eagerly climbed on board and the ship flew into space, zipping past glowing planets and zooming by shining stars. As the spaceship returned to Ponyland, Baby Countdown waved to the sun to thank him for a ride that was out of this world!

Baby Drummer 

The Ponyland Parade was about to start, but the marching band needed one more drummer. Baby Drummer wanted very much to play in the band but the drum was too big for him to carry. Baby Leaper knew exactly what to do. He clicked his heels while counting "1-2-3" and ZAP the drum became just the right size for Baby drummer! With the band complete, Baby Drummer proudly marched in front, tapping a cheerful "RAT-A-TAT-TAT" on his new drum!

Baby Leaper 

Baby Leaper wanted to leap high into the air, so he asked the friendly frogs to show him what to do. Soon, Baby Leaper was jumping so high, he touched the clouds! The frogs were amazed because they had never seen anyone leap so far into the sky! "Hop on!" Baby Leaper called to
his frog friends, and when they did, he took them all the way to the moon!

Baby Paws 

As Baby Paws walked through the park, he met a little dog looking for something in the grass. "Will you help me find my ball?", the dog asked Baby Paws. The two friends searched everywhere but did not find the ball. Baby Paws glanced up at the rainbow and had an idea! When he blinked his eyes, colorfully striped balls tumbled down the rainbow! "Let's play catch!", Baby Paws laughed, tossing a ball to the delighted dog!

Baby Racer 

"If I could drive a real car, I'd ride to the top of the rainbow," Baby Racer said, playing with his toy car in the park. The rainbow heard his wish and dipped down until it touched the tiny car. Magically. the car became full size! Baby Racer jumped in behind the steering wheel while the rainbow guided the car up to the top of its arches where the colors are the prettiest. "What a wonderful ride!" Baby Racer laughed, enjoying the view.

Baby Waddles 

"It's a wonderful day to visit Mr. Penguin," thought Baby Waddles, hopping on a cloud and sailing to the South Pole. Icebergs glittered in the sun as he peeked over the edge of the cloud, looking for his friend. "Hello, Baby Waddles! You're just in time to go ice skating with me!" 
called Mr. Penguin, waving a flipper. Baby Waddles eagerly joined his friend for an afternoon of skating, then returned to Mr. Penguin's house for a cup of hot cocoa!



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