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Cool Breeze 

Cool Breeze was sitting under a shady palm tree when a sad baby whale came ashore. "I'm lost," the whale frowned, "Will you help me find my friends?" In a flash, Cool Breeze soared above the ocean and searched until she spotted the whale's fish friends playing tag in the sparkling sea below. When she blinked her eyes, a giant wave carried the little whale back to his friends! The whale smiled at Cool Breeze and waved thank you with a flip of his silver fin!


Flurry loved to play in the snow, but as spring approached, the snow began to melt. Sadly, she watched the snowflakes disappearing when, suddenly, she heard a voice from high in the clouds. "Come up and visit me! I have lots of snow for you!" said Mr. Mountain. Flurry's wings quickly carried her to the top of the snow-covered mountain. Happily, Flurry rolled snowballs and tossed them down to her friends!

Moon Jumper 

Moon Jumper and Flurry loved to gaze at the stars and dreamed of taking a trip to the Milky Way. The wind knew about their dream and carried them up, up, up, until they flew over the glowing, yellow moon! There, they saw a bright sprinkling of white stars pouring a path through the dark sky above them. "Let's follow it to the Milky Way!" Moon Jumper shouted to her friend. Just then, a smiling cow waved to them as it jumped over the moon!

Starry Wings

As Starry Wings snuggled under the bedcovers one night, she heard someone singing a beautiful lullaby. Glancing out her window, she saw it was the moon singing the pretty tune as he glowed brightly in the sky. Sparkling stars softly hummed along. "Come and sing with us, Starry Wings!" called the moon. Starry Wings quickly flew into the sky to join her night time friends in a midnight lullaby or two!

Sun Glider 

"Peek-a-boo, I see you, Sun Glider!" Whirly called, peeking from behind a cloud. Laughing, Sun Glider flew into the sky and swooped behind the cloud, but Whirly was not there! "Where could she be?" wondered Sun Glider, glancing around as she drifted in the wind. Suddenly, she saw the tip of a colorful wing fluttering behind the sun. "I found you, Whirly!" exclaimed Sun Glider, racing to her delighted friend.


As Whirly strolled in a meadow, a flock of birds flew by. "It's a beautiful day to go flying, Whirly! Please join us!" they called. Whirly flapped her wings and flew into the air. She and the happy birds chased each other around the sun and slid down slides made of sunbeams. At the end of the day, Whirly waved goodbye to her feathered friends. "Let's go flying tomorrow!" she called, swooping to the ground.



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