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Napper walked outside one night and could not find the moon! She looked everywhere in the sky-under the rainbow, behind the stars and in the Milky Way-but her nighttime friend was nowhere in sight. Finally, she saw a glowing cloud and flew up to see what was making it shine. When she arrived at the cloud, she found the moon asleep on the soft, fluffy cloud! Napper gave the moon a big hug, covering herself with moondust that glittered and sparkled like stars!

Sky Rocket

"It's time to cut your birthday cake," Twinkler said to Sky Rocket, as 
the ponies enjoyed the terrific party.  While Sky Rocket began to cut 
the cake, Twinkler quietly went outside, gathered moondust from the sky  and returned before the last piece of cake was cut.  As the clcok struck  midnight, all the party balloons burst into colorful rockets that zoomed  through the sky, leaving a shower of moondust behind. "What a wonderful  way to end the party!" Sky Rocket laughed, covered with speckles of  moondust.


Stardancer finished making her bed, hugged her cuddly toy bear and placed him on her pillow. When she returned to her room that night the little bear was gone! Stardancer looked everywhere in her room but could not find him. Suddenly she heard laughter outside her window. When she looked outside, she saw the bear dancing in the sky with two baby stars! "Come & dance with us, Stardancer" the friendly stars called, tossing glittering stardust on the delighted pony!

Star Hopper

"That was a great movie, Star Hopper," Sunspot said to her friend, turning off the television. "I liked the flying saucer," said Star Hopper, going to the kitchen to make some hot cocoa. As she heated the water, Star Hopper turned her cup upside down on her saucer and touched it
with her magic horn. Suddenly, the cup and saucer began to spin around, then flew past Sunspot and zoomed out the window! "It's a flying cup-and-saucer!" laughed Sunspot, as it zipped back inside and sprinkled stardust on the delighted ponies!


"Rise and shine!" Sunspot called to the sleeping ponies, but they only yawned and snuggled deeper into their beds. "I know how to wake them!" she thought, flying into the air. She flew up to her friend, Mr. Sun, and whispered in his ear. Smiling happily, he sent sunbeams into the ponies' bedroom windows. The sunbeams filled each room and sprinkled glittering flecks of sunshine on the ponies! They awoke with smiling faces, and cheerfully tossed some of the bright flecks on Sunspot as she skipped into their bedrooms.


The ponies were very happy because the Playtime Baby Brother Ponies knew the alphabet from A to Z. "Let's give them a party!" Twinkler suggested to her friends. While the other ponies got
the cake, Twinkler flew into the sky and gathered glittering stardust. When the Playtime Baby Brother Ponies arrived at the party, they were surprised to see the alphabet written in the sky with sparkling stardust! Some of the stardust floated to the ground, covering Twinkler with glittering specks!



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