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Baby Dangles

Dangles lay in her crib, gazing at the colorful mobile spin but could not reach it. "Wiggle your
nose at it," whispered Sugar apple, peeking in the nursery. When Dangles wiggled her nose, the
mobile began to twirl around! "Isn't it surprising that a little wiggle will do?" laughed Sugar
Apple, and Dangles enjoyed the spinning mobile.


Dozing off to sleep one night, Shaggy secretly wished she had a friend to enjoy bedtime stories
with her. Later that night, Mint Dreams snuck into her room, swished her tail and ... POOF!... a
cute teddy bear appeared in Shaggy's crib. When she woke the next morning, Shaggy was
surprised at what she found! "Now I have a cuddly new friend!" she shouted, as Mint Dreams
flew out the window, smiling


Squirmy was collecting seashells when she found the most unusual shell with blue circles. As
she admired it,a shy little snail popped out!"This is my home," said the snail hurrying back                
into the shell. Squirmy liked the cute snail so much that she plucked a ray of sunshine and            
gave it to the snail as a present. Then she introduced the other newborn ponies to snail,who
wasn't so shy anymore!


When tappy was alone in the nursery one day, she tried on her first shoes. She took a few steps
and discovered that the shoes make tapping noise on the nursery floor. Giggling, she put on a
record and began to tap dance. When the music stopped, she was surprised the hear clapping!
She turned around and found the Newborn Ponies standing in the nursery, applauding her dance!


 Wiggles and Mr.Caterpiller watched the Windy Wing Ponies fly through the air with their  colorful butterfly wings. "Soon, I'll have wings like those," Mr. Caterpiller said, adding another  strand of silk to his cocoon. "I'll go to sleep in my cocoon as a caterpiller and wake up as a  buttefly!" he explained. Delighted, Wiggles  promised to visit the cocoon every day to see  her friend's new butterfly wings!


It was the day of the Ponyland Fair, and Yo-Yo entered the yo-yo contest ready to perform her new tricks. When it was her turn, the string somehow got caught in her hair! Seeing her friend in trouble, Tappy tapped her foot and suddenly, the string burst into colorful streamers and balloons that fell on the crowd! "Show us more great tricks!" Tappy laughed, winking at her friend.



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