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Brilliant Blossoms 

Brilliant Blossoms put on a cape and hat decorated with colorful flowers and hearts, then joined her friends for a fun day at the Ponyland Fair. "Let's go on the swings," she suggested, hopping on a swing and laughing as it began to spin around and around! Suddenly, a gust of wind caught her cape and sent in fluttering through the air! Brilliant Blossoms blew a kiss at the cape, and it magically changed into hundreds of paper flowers and hearts that showered all over the delighted ponies at the Ponyland Fair!

Diamond Dreams

Diamond Dreams and Sparkler spent a bright, sunny afternoon tossing pennies into the wishing well at the Ponyland Fair. As the coins fell into the sparkling water, Diamond Dreams wished for a cape as dazzling as a moonbeam shining in the night. A moment later, Diamond Dreams looked at her reflection in the water and gasped-- it showed a shimmering jeweled cape wrapped around her like a queen! "Your wish came true," smiled Sparkler, who threw a penny into the water and made a special wish of her own.

Flower Bouquet 

One night, all the ponies hurried to the Ponyland Fair to see Flower Bouquet's light show. As the ponies waited in the dark fairground, Flower Bouquet flipped a light switch to turn on the lights, but nothing happened! Quickly, Flower Bouquet flew into the air and touched the lights with a moonbeam. When she touched the last light, the lights burst into pink, yellow, and blue flowers glowing brightly in the darkness! She wove some flowers into a beautiful cape and headband for herself as the ponies applauded her fantastic flower show!


Sparkler hoped to win the contest for having the best-tasting pie at the Ponyland Fair. The mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked apple, blueberry, and strawberry pies filled the air as the judges sampled each treat. When they tasted Sparkler's pie, the judges smiled and agreed it was the most delicious of all! Sparkler was presented with a shiny jeweled cape for winning the contest, but none of the other ponies seemed to notice because they were to busy munching Sparkler's award-winning pie.

Sunny Bunch 

Sunny Bunch had a special trick to perform for the magic show at the Ponyland Fair. After letting a bunch of colorful balloons float into the air, she swished her tail and POP - a red balloon burst, turning into a bouquet of red roses. Then Sunny Bunch blinked her eyes and POP-POP, two green balloons burst into a shower of fluttering maple leaves. Soon the sky was filled with bright flowers and leaves! The other ponies were so thrilled they gave Sunny Bunch a surprise of their own - a beautiful cape decorated with flowers!


"Throw six balls into the basket to win a magic cape!" Tassels shouted from her booth at the Ponyland Fair. Many ponies tried but only Sparkler got six balls in the basket. "Why is it a magic cape?" asked Sparkler, wrapping it around her shoulders. "Touch your nose," suggested Tassels with a smile. When Sparkler touched her nose, the hearts on the cape changed into flowers! All the ponies began to throw balls, hoping to win a magic cape, too!



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