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How the Baby Sparkle Ponies Got Their Sparkles
(Baby Firefly, Baby Gusty, Baby North Star, Baby Starflower)

One night, the Baby Sparkle Ponies looked out the nursery window and were surprised to see that Mr. Moon and the stars were not shining. Quickly, the baby ponies flew into the sky to brighten their nighttime friends. Baby Starflower and Baby Gusty polished the stars with soft flower petals, while Baby North Star and Baby Firefly rubbed  glistening rainbow dew on Mr. Moon. Soon the stars were twinkling and Mr. Moon was glowing brightly. As the sleepy ponies rested on a cloud, the stars covered them with stardust to make them sparkle, then Mr. Moon wrapped the ponies in a moonbeam and gently carried them to bed. And that is the story of how the Baby Sparkle Ponies got their sparkles!

Pony Bride - Here Comes the Bride 

 Dum-dum-de-dum…here comes the bride, all dressed in white! Wedding bells are ringing for the Pony Bride, and everyone is anxiously awaiting her walk down the aisle. She looks so lovely in her lacy veil and diamond engagement ring that sparkles as brightly as the sun. Afterwards, there will be a big celebration in the garden, where the bride will greet all her wedding guests and serve them delicious wedding cake baked by the lovebirds. Before the party is over, her bridesmaids will give her a bouquet to toss, and whoever catches it will be the next bride in Ponyland. Who will it be?

Merry Treat - A Christmas Surprise 

A Christmas Surprise. It was Christmas Eve, and the ponies were asleep in their beds, dreaming of the exciting day ahead of them. On her way to bed, Merry Treat realized no one had left cookies and milk for Santa Claus! So she placed the snack on a table and sat in a chair to watch the falling snow. Soon, she was fast asleep, and awoke only when sunshine brightened the room. The milk and cookies were gone, but beside the empty plate was a bid candy cane with a note from Santa that read "Dear Merry Treat, Thank you for the delicious Christmas surprise!" She could hardly wait for the other ponies to wake up and join her on this beautiful Christmas morning.



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