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How the Tropical Ponies Got Their Bright Colors
(Hula Hula, Pina Coloda, Sea Breeze, Tootie Tails)

One sunny day, four pony friends sailed under the rainbow's arch and discovered a tropical island where everything shone with the brightest and most beautiful colors the ponies ever saw. Pina Colada and Sea Breeze hopped onto the dazzling pink beach to play volleyball, while Tootie Tails and Hula Hula splashed in the sparkling blue water. While the four friends nibbled a tasty lunch beneath gleaming green palm trees, tropical rainbow dew fell on them and changed them
into the brightest ponies of all. The delighted friends quickly sailed back to Ponyland to show everyone their brilliant new look. And that is the story of how the Tropical Ponies got their bright colors!

How the Rainbow Curl Ponies got their Stripes 
(Raincurl,  Ringlets, Streaky, Stripes)

In Ponyland, rain poured from the sky for many days. When the clouds drifted away, the Rainbow Curl Ponies skipped outside to splash in the puddles. As Stripes, Ringlet, Streaky and Raincurl danced in the wet grass, they noticed the rain had washed all the colors from the rainbow. Gathering their paints, the ponies climbed up the pale arch and began to paint the stripes with bright, new colors. When they finished, the rainbow gleamed in the sky. To thank them for their colorful help, the rainbow sprinkled each pony with magical rainbow crystals. When the crystals touched them, pretty rainbows appeared on the ponies. And that is how the Rainbow Curl Ponies got their stripes!

How the Sweetsteps Ballerinas Celebrate Spring 
(Posey Rose, Silky Slippers, Twinkle Dancer, Tip Toes)

On the first day of spring, the Sweetsteps Ballerinas stage a  magnificent ballet to welcome the bright sunshine and budding flowers to Ponyland. The Gazebo in the park makes a perfect stage for each ballerina to display her special talent. Silky Slipper glides so gracefully that her feet hardly seem to touch the floor. When Twinkle Dancer spins, her hair wraps around her body like a shawl. No matter how high Tip Toes jumps, she always lands on her tippy toes. And the gentle
swish and slide of Posey Rose's feet sounds like the sweetest of  melodies. Listen! The birds are chirping. Spring is here...on with the show!

How the Drink 'N Wet Baby Ponies Got Their Magical Diapers 
(Baby Cuddles, Baby Flicker, Baby Rainfeather, Baby Snookums)

Wearing their new diapers, the Drink n' Wet Baby Ponies scampered outside to toss a bouncy ball. They threw the ball higher and higher into the sky, until it bumped into one of the rainbow's stripes. Magical crystals fell from the stripe and onto the baby ponies. The little ponies quickly splashed into their wading pool to wash off the sticky crystals. As they splashed in the water, the rainbow crystals on their wet diapers changed into little hearts, making the diapers as pretty as can be. Now, whenever the diapers get wet, colorful hearts magically appear. And that is how the Drink n' Wet Baby Ponies got their magical diapers.

Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies 
(Bright Night, Starflash, Sunblossom, Twinkler)

One day, the Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies strolled in a magical garden that grew under the rainbow. The four friends gathered flowers shaped like hearts, stars, and bows, and wove them into their beautiful hair. While they sniffed the sweet blossoms, Mr. Moon awoke from his daytime nap and smiled at his pony friends. Puffing his round cheeks, he blew shiny moondust into the garden. The glitter drifted onto the ponies, who danced with delight at Mr. Moon's sparkling gift. And that is how the Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies got their glitter!

 How the Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies Dressed for the Prom
(Cha Cha, Daisy Dancer, Pretty Belle,  Sweet Sundrop)

The Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies wanted to look as glamorous as queens at the Sweetflower Prom. With smiles on their pretty faces, the four friends placed bouquets of flowers on a vanity. They blinked their eyes and - poof - the flowers changed into bottles of perfume. They sprinkled their shoulders with the sweet scent, and beautiful ruffles unfurled. As they dabbed perfume on their ears, earrings magically appeared. Then, they touched their wrists with
the fragrance to make lovely corsages bloom. When they arrived at the prom, the other ponies crowned their elegant friends queens of the prom.



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