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The Rockin' Beat Ponies Bring Spring to Ponyland
(Half Note, Pretty Beat, Sweet Notes, Tuneful)

Spring was in the air, on the day of the Rockin' Beat ponies' special outdoor concert. The audience cheered as Sweet Notes, Tuneful, Half Note, and Pretty Beat took center stage and began to play their most popular hits. Soon, the lively sound of rock 'n roll music reached the sky, causing the clouds to swing and sway, and the sun to look down with a warm, glowing smile. Then, all at once, the flowers in Ponyland blossomed into a sea of dazzling, beautiful colors: heart-shaped violets, bright white daisies and pretty red roses were everywhere. Even the trees had lots of fluttery new leaves. By playing their happy tunes, the Rockin' Beat ponies had brought Springtime to Ponyland... and everyone began to dance.

The Glow 'N Show Ponies at Play
(Bright Glow, Dazzle Glow, Happy Glow, Star Glow)

The sky was filled with stars one warm summer's night as the Glow 'N Show ponies played jump
rope and sang happy songs. "Milky Way, Milky Way start on your way," called Happyglow.
"Please be so kind, as to visit us today," finished Brightglow. Then magically, the two ponies
gleamed with little stars, just like the ones from the Milky Way! Next it was Dazzleglow and
Starglow's turn. They sang: "Big Dipper, Little Dipper visit us too, so we can have stars, just like
you!" Suddenly, they too glowed with shiny stars, and all of Ponyland lit up with starlight!


Precious Pockets Full of Fun
(Bubblefish, Bunny Hop, Li'l Pocket, Sweet Pocket)

There are many pockets in the world, but none are quite as wonderful as the ones belonging to
the Precious Pocket ponies. Their pockets are shaped like a top hat, piggy bank, fishbowl, and
flower, and are full of surprises. Everyone in Ponyland was curious to see what the Precious
Pocket ponies kept in their unusual pockets, so they asked to peep inside them. When the
Precious Pocket ponies touched their pockets, amazing things began to happen. Bunnies hopped
out of the top hat, coins poured from the piggy bank, fish leaped out of the fishbowl, and
bumblebees buzzed from the flower. "They're pockets full of fun!" laughed the Precious Pocket
ponies, winking at their delighted friends.

Where Adventures Begin
(Beauty Bloom, Flower Dream, Garden Glow, Rosey Love)

On the far side of the rainbow is Ponyland, where all the ponies live. Every pony is special, but
the Pretty Ponies are extra special because they fly over the rainbow to find girls who have never
been to Ponyland. These four graceful friends carry girls away to their first adventure in
Ponyland-where wonderful things always happen! As girls watch, the ponies whisper the
enchanted word and suddenly, the sky is filled with bright balloons. The ponies blink their eyed
and change a field of flowers into rows of ice cream cones. More surprises await anyone who
visits Ponyland, so follow the Pretty Ponies to the far side of the rainbow, and let your pony
adventures begin!

The Rainbow Baby Ponies Make a Rainbow
(Baby Brightbow, Baby Rainribbon, Baby Starbow, Baby Sunribbon)

One cloudy day, the Rainbow Babies were bored with their nursery toys. Gazing out the window,
they saw the rainbow trying to break through the clouds. "Let's make a rainbow they shouted.
They scampered outside with all their hair ribbons and began to tie them together to make long
colorful stripes. When they were finished, it looked like a rainbow indeed-but it was on the
grass, not in the sky where rainbows should be. The ponies touched the stripes with their
noses...and the ribbons turned into a real rainbow and floated up in the air. "Now we have a
double rainbow!" laughed the Rainbow Baby, as everyone came outside to admire the ponies'
beautiful creation.

The Baby Ballerinas Have a Special Lesson
( Baby Soft Steps, Baby Sweet Steps, Baby Tippy Toes, Baby Toe Dancer)

 Lift, leap, twirl…lift, leap, twirl. The Baby Ballerinas sighed as they tried the difficult dance step
again. As much as they loved ballet, they wanted to play outside today, tying sunbeams in their
hair and picking caramel apples from the enchanted apple trees. Just then, a warm summer breeze blew open the door of the dance studio and twirled the surprised baby ponies around and around--until it twirled them out the door! They spun into the apple grove, where the magical trees joined the baby ponies for a dance. When the dance was over, the Baby Ballerinas rested against the trees and nibbled sweet caramel apples. It was a wonderful ballet lesson indeed!



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