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Dusk  was setting in, but Moonstone was determined to keep searching for her special friend the rainbow. It was almost too dark to see the sky. "Maybe she's hiding under the magical waterfall," Moonstone thought to herself.

Moonstone rubbed her unicorn in the moss of an old stump and in a twinkling, arrived at the base of the  Waterfall. Gazing into the pond, she saw a glint of light. Looking closer, Moonstone saw beautiful colors shimmering on the water.

"I've found one!" she cried excitedly, tossing her head into the air. Many different colors came shooting out of her rainbow mane and tail like fireworks.

Moonstone galloped along the water's edge watching the beautiful colors dance in the moonlit pond. She was so excited she woke up Sunshine to show her. Sunshine only smiled because she knew that this time the rainbow was only a reflection on Moonstone's beautiful rainbow-colored hair.


The sun was shining very brightly and Parasol was hot...very hot. She sat under a  rainbow-colored parasol sipping pink lemonade, unable to move. Gently closing her eyes, Parasol could see many of her pony friends bathing in the waterfall. "The Waterfall looks so inviting today!" sad Parasol to herself. 

Blinking twice, her rainbow magic carried her to the edge of the pond. Sprinkles was so excited to see Parasol, she kicked up her heels,  spraying everyone with water. The tiny beads of spray formed raindrops and when the sun shown through them, a beautiful rainbow appeared! Parasol could feel her energy returning.

"Would you help me braid my hair into many little rainbows?" Parasol asked the raindrops. And as she stood in the mist from the waterfall, her mane and tail were braided into beautiful rainbows.


 Skydancer loves to dance to the sound of the wind, especially when it flows through the clouds like the music of string harps. Dancing slowly, Skydaner's hooves move like  little ballet slippers and her mane and tail form two beautiful rainbow arches. As the wind blows harder,  the tempo increases. Prancing up with her forelegs gracefully stroking  the air and her neck arching, she    pirouettes in tiny circles. Her pegasus wings are held lightly against her flanks, fluttering now and then to steady her. Skydancer     whirls and twirls until her rainbow  hair wraps about her body like a  multi-colored cloak. The other rainbow ponies watch in awe. They all agree that Skydancer is the most beautiful ballerina they have ever seen.


On a cool rainy morning Starshine was ready for excitement. "I want to have some fun today!" she shouted to the dark giant rain clouds. Stamping her hoof impatiently on the ground, she pleaded, "Send me on a secret rainbow journey!" The clouds opened and a multi-colored beam of light swooped down to lift her up into the sky! 

Traveling in the beautiful light, Starshine's rainbow-colored hair stretched out behind her like the tail of a shooting star. The light carried her on a special adventure to a land of enchantment and magic!

"Hi, Ho my brightly colored beauty!" shouted the Milky Way. Starshine winked at a comet and laughed with the man in the moon. By evening she was home again. "This has been a very exciting day indeed!" she
thought as she gazed up at the sky. Twinkling down the stars whispered,
"Come back again, Starshine!"


Out in the meadow, Sunlight was playing games with her shadow. The brighter the sun shone, the more beautiful Sunlight s shadow became until it took on every hue of the rainbow!  Let s play hide and seek,  said her rainbow shadow. Iíll be it. Sunlight hid in the shade under the spreading oak tree.  Found you!  whispered the shadow.  I'm under here too. Sunlight ran out from under the tree and sure enough, her beautiful shadow was right behind her.  Your turn to hide! Sunlight shouted and ran as fast as the wind, but the little rainbow followed her every step. In the wink of an eye a large dark rain cloud moved in and covered the sun. Sunlight frowned, her shadow was gone. She looked and looked, but it had disappeared. Olly, olly in-free, sang Sunlight. Where are you, she shouted. Sunlight looked up at the sky and sang to the rain cloud, Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day!  The wind helped by taking a deep breath and blowing very, very hard. The sun broke through the clouds. In a flash, Sunlight s shadow returned and they galloped together across the meadow.


It was a very special day for Windy, the fastest of all the rainbow ponies. She was the winner of the annual Rainbow Race held at the Dream Castle. In celebration, Majesty had invited everyone to an ice cream party.  The party was held outside in the royal courtyard. Majesty started scooping out the many colorful flavors of ice cream just when Windy whistled in like a comet. 
"I see that something is missing!" Windy said to the sun. With a toss of her mane, she was gone on the wind, leaving a rainbow of light in her wake. She stopped in the strawberry patch and a pineapple grove and even gathered nectar from the flowers.  
"These will make more than enough toppings for our ice cream sundeas!" she thought to herself. And with a wink of her eye, she rode the rainbow all the way back to the party. Her friends were delighted and they gave her the biggest serving of all!


Sealight was swimming gracefully among the coral with the other Sea Ponies. Suddenly she dove down, wiggling her tail until she reached the bottom. "Sealight!" Starfish exclaimed a she crawled out from beneath a rock. "I saw you wiggling your way down here. Let's go ask Mr. Dolphin for a swim on his fin!" Mr. Dolphin, always ready for play, let them hang on to his fin while they swam around in the beautiful warm turquoise ocean.


Seawinkle dove off the dock, swam through the crystal clear blue water, and hopped aboard her new little sailboat. "Seashell" she shouted, "Come take a sail with me!" So Seashell swam out to the boat for a ride. The wind was brisk and the little boat skimmed quickly across the calm blue water. The two friends sailed on and on, returning home only when the sun was sinking low into the horizon.


One bright sunny day when the clouds were dancing in the sky, Wavedancer was surfing in the ocean with the other Sea Ponies. They would ride a big blue wave all the way in to shore, then merrily swim out to catch another. One giant wave they caught carried them up, up... all the way up to the prettiest cloud in the sky. They played up in the cloud for hours, then slid down the rainbow and landed in the ocean with a big SPLASH!!

Megan and  Sundance

Every day is a sunny side up day to Megan and Sundance! Brave and beautiful Megan and her spirited pony Sundance love to go where the rainbow takes them... in search of new friends and exciting adventures! The colorful rainbow reaches down and then carries them up, up... all the way up to the Dream Castle. While visiting all their pony friends, Megan and Sundance enjoy sharing fun stories and good times.




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