Year 9
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The Teeny Tiny Ponies Come to Ponyland
(Little Giggles, Little Honey Pie, Little Tabby, Little Wiskers)

One morning, the ponies found a wicker basket on their doorstep. Inside the basket, four tiny ponies sat on soft, lacy cushions and smiled up at the delighted ponies. The pretty babies were the smallest ponies they'd ever seen, and were soon named Teeny Tiny ponies because of their cuddly size. They happily brought the babies inside and gave them warm bottles, then tucked them into cribs for their midmorning nap. That same afternoon, the ponies had a big party to welcome the Teeny Tiny ponies to Ponyland, with lots of tasty food and surprises for everyone--and warm bottles for the little ponies!

The Secret Surprise Ponies reveal their secrets
(Pretty Puff, Secret Beauty, Secret Star, Stardazzle)

"I've got a very special secret," said Pretty Puff, as she, Secret Beauty, Secret Star and Stardazzle played on a windswept, sandy beach. Then, she turned the magic key in her necklace and made her dazzling cape spring open! A brightly colored row of shimmering pearls poured from a secret compartment under her cape. The pearls danced and spun about in the blondish sand, then came to rest in the shape of the word "Pretty Puff." "That was a wonderful surprise," said the other ponies. "Now it's our turn!" With a twist of their keys, the beautiful capes on their backs opened and out flew shiny ribbons of rainbow light that soared into the blue sky and linked together to spell "Secret Beauty," "Secret Star," and "Stardazzle." "Now we know each other's secret surprises," said Secret Beauty, as the ponies looked into the sky with delight!

Precious Pockets Full of Fun
(Bubblefish, Bunny Hop, Li'l Pocket, Sweet Pocket)

There are many pockets in the world, but none are quite as wonderful as the ones belonging to
the Precious Pocket ponies. Their pockets are shaped like a top hat, piggy bank, fishbowl, and
flower, and are full of surprises. Everyone in Ponyland was curious to see what the Precious
Pocket ponies kept in their unusual pockets, so they asked to peep inside them. When the
Precious Pocket ponies touched their pockets, amazing things began to happen. Bunnies hopped
out of the top hat, coins poured from the piggy bank, fish leaped out of the fishbowl, and
bumblebees buzzed from the flower. "They're pockets full of fun!" laughed the Precious Pocket
ponies, winking at their delighted friends.

A Royal Picnic For Ponyland
(Pink Princess, Purple Princess)

One warm summer's day, Princess pony decided to use her special powers to make a picnic all
the ponies could enjoy! With a whisk of her glittery tail, she turned the clouds into cotton candy,
dripping tasty drops of lemon-flavored rain. Swishing her dazzling cape, she changed the
leaves on the trees into raisin-covered cookies. Then, for a crowning touch, Princess pony
blinked her beautiful eyelashes and Ponyland pond became a giant bowl of strawberry punch."
Let the royal picnic begin", said the pretty Princess with a delighted smile as her thrilled pony
friends began to devour the magical, mouth watering feast

Firefly's Adventure
(Movie Firefly)

Tearak, the evil master of Midnight Castle, kidnaps My Little Ponies and uses the Power of Darkness to turn them into horrible creatures. Courageous Firefly and her friends must journey to the castle to save the others and stop Tearak from bringing on The Night that Never Ends. Brave, beautiful Meagan comes to Ponyland to help the ponies, and the magical Moonchick gives them a locket filled with the Rainbow of Light to fight the Power of Darkness. Will Firefly and her friends get there in time to save the ponies and stop Tearak's evil plan?




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