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Bonnie Bonnets 

Bonnie Bonnets strolled in a pretty garden. "These are such lovely flowers!" she though, admiring a bush of red roses. She picked a rose and wove it into her hair. Suddenly she had an idea! When she blinked her eyes at the rose, she turned it into a bonnet of rose petals! "Now I
can always wear beautiful roses," Bonnie Bonnets smiled to herself, trying on her new bonnet.


Buttons loves to decorate her dresses with beautiful buttons. One night, when all the ponies were asleep, she decorated Ponyland with a basket of buttons. In the morning, the ponies looked outside their windows and were delighted to see buttons glittering in fluffy clouds and twinkling in trees. Buttons wove buttons in their hair to finish her unusual decorations!



Merriweather likes to go on summer picnics. One day she packed a basket of snacks and skipped to a field of soft grass. As she opened her picnic basket, a dark cloud floated by and began to rain on her! Merriweather winked at the cloud, turning the raindrops into tiny rainbows. "What a beautiful day for a picnic!" she laughed, nibbling a slice of watermelon.


After the last baseball game of the season, Munchy called the ponies together to give them a special surprise. "Follow me!" she cried, leading them to a pile of baseball bats and baseballs. 

     When she wiggled her nose, the bats burst into hot dogs, and the balls turned into bags of french fries! "This is better than a home run!" Slugger cheered, biting into his third hot dog!

Night Glider

One evening, Night Glider gave a midnight party.  When the ponies arrived, Night Glider blinked her eyes to make twinkling stars dance in the sky.  As Mr. Moon sang a lullaby, the ponies waltzed with the glittering stars until Mr. Sun smiled in the sky.  Night Glider sprinkled stardust on the ponies to give them sweet dreams, as the sleepy ponies slipped into their beds.

Yum Yum

Yum Yum likes to make special candy for the ponies. One hot summer day, she flew to a cloud and gathered cool raindrops. When she sprinkled a little stardust and rainbow dew on the
raindrops, the drops turned into colorful candy! The ponies nibbled the cool candies in the warm sun, delighted with all the delicious flavors in Yum Yum's magical candy!




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